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You ever need anything, give our mom a call. She handles our s star star t for us.
— Blue Brothers

The Blue Brothers are a pop duo appearing in the HD Universe.


They are a duo of 18-year-old pop singers in Liberty City consisting of twin brothers Billy and Bobby Blue. Despite wearing promise rings, they still have sex with their female fans. They never swear, instead spelling out their curse words with asterisks replacing some of the letters (saying "fuck" and "bitch" as "F star star K" and "B star star C H" respectively). One of the brothers, Bobby, took pictures of himself dressed in women's lingerie and accidentally sent it to nearly a half-million fans over Bleeter.

Their favorite radio station is Radio Broker.

Events of The Ballad of Gay Tony

They appear in person in The Ballad of Gay Tony where Luis Lopez is requested to pick them up from the MeTV building and drive them to Maisonette 9, whilst being chased by obsessed female fans, during one of the Club Management missions.

Luis states that he is only helping them out because his niece is a fan of theirs.

Events of Grand Theft Auto V

A Bill & Bobby Blue concert is advertised as "coming soon" to the Sisyphus Theater as well as one by Clay PG Jackson.

A post by Beverly Felton on his Lifeinvader page, reveals that the Blue Brothers had a penis fight and Madison Fox got photos of it.

LifeInvader GTAV Beverly Profile large.png
Beverly Felton
Posted an update
I can't believe that weasel Madison got the photo of Billy and Bobby Blue penis fencing. That should have been mine!


Their youth, refusal to explicitly use bad language, 'promise rings' and popularity with young girls strongly suggest they are a parody of the Jonas Brothers, while their name is a reference to the Blues Brothers.