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Blox is a detergent brand featured in the 3D and HD Universe.


Blox is first featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on the radio, where it is advertised on Flash FM. It is never physically seen anywhere in the 3D Universe games except in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, where the player can see it in grocery stores like FIDL. It can also be seen in Cluckin' Bell restaurants in Grand Theft Auto IV, as well as in the kitchen of the Majestic Hotel, inside Bucky Sligo's house, and many more interiors. In Grand Theft Auto V, Blox can be found in any convenience store on the shelves. Blox appears to be a parody of the detergent company Clorox.

Blox Advertisement

(Man screaming and running)

Male imaging voice: Germs are running scared!

Army: Blox, Blox, Blox, Blox.

Male imaging voice: Last year, communists killed 34 hard working Americans, but germs kill over 25 million people! Your home, much like America, is constantly under attack from germs! And we all know what germs cause: dyslexia and leprosy! Thank goodness there's Blox!

Army: Blox, Blox, Blox, Blox.

(Military music plays in background)

Male imaging voice: Blox sends germs running like refugees! (Sound of man screaming) Just add a few tablespoons to your child's bath, and put them in the tub!

(Child crying)

Male imaging voice: Presto, that tingling sensation is germs dying! Now your child has rosy red skin and is 100% germ free! Now that means little Jimmy won't catch a cold or ask difficult questions about reproduction! It's even great for Rover's breath!

(Dog drinking then whining)

Male imaging voice: Now he's sleeping peacefully, free from germs! Blox is endorsed by the Society for Cleaner America. It uses a patented formula developed by the Pentagon for use in the field, now it's available for your home!

Army: Blox, Blox, Blox, Blox, Blox, Blox, Blox!

Man: Blox, Blox, Blox, Blox, Blox, Blox, Blox!

Army: Blox, Blox, Blox, Blox, Blox, Blox, Blox!

Male imaging voice: Some germs hate acid, some germs hate bleach. Blox kills indiscriminately!

Army: Blox the germs away!

(Music ends)

Blox Radio Station Commercial

Blox Radio Station Commercial

Radio station commercial.


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