"There is a dealership down by Davis. They're offering reasonable finance plans, and generous repayment schedules, and encourage their customers to choose vehicles they can afford! Do you believe this? We cannot stand for it. Go over there and destroy their cars. When you come back to my showroom, I will reward you on behalf of the community."
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Blow Up is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online given to the player by Simeon Yetarian


Simeon is unhappy with a dealership down on Strawberry Avenue in Davis because they encourage their customers to choose vehicles they can afford. He orders the team to head there and destroy all the dealership's vehicles. The player can either destroy them all with a jerry can in the parking lot, exploding them with explosives or missile launchers, or taking all the vehicles to a gas station across the street and blowing them all up at one time. The team will gain a wanted level and when they lose it, they will just need to get back to the dealership

Mission objectives

  • Go to the rival dealership.
  • Destroy the cars.
  • Lose the Cops.
  • Go to the dealership.


  • To save on explosives and shorten the mission's time, it is worth maneuvering the vehicles into place so that they are tightly packed together. If this is done, the likelihood of the police engaging the player is also reduced.
  • Another method to save time and get the reward quick, is to destroy all but one of the cars, drive that car to the dealership, stand in the yellow corona (that appears when instructed to return to dealership)'s location, and destroy the final car using a long-range firearm.

Video walkthrough


GTA Online - Mission - Blow Up Hard Difficulty


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