The Blaine County Savings Bank, is a bank featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


There are two branches in San Andreas, located in Chumash and Paleto Bay. The branch in Paleto Bay is accessible only during the mission The Paleto Score. The bank uses the Gruppe Sechs security company to transport money, and as a personal security system.

The branch in Paleto Bay is used by the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department to hold funds received from bribery, extortion, and general corruption.

Events of GTA V

The bank is chosen by Michael, Trevor, and Lester to rob in order to secure funding for a job with the Federal Investigation Bureau. When scoping out the bank, Michael purposely triggers the alarm by shooting it in order to see the police response time. When multiple squad cars are dispatched in a short period of time, the trio decides that they will have to face the cops, head on.

During the heist itself, Michael, Trevor, and a third crew member stick up the bank and begin loading their bags with cash. When the cops respond, they call in backup, including NOOSE, and the military. The bank robbers change into Ballistic Equipment and fight their way out of the bank and through the streets of Paleto Bay, eventually making it to a passing train and escaping.

Mission Appearances


  • Jane Smith
  • Hugh Bonnar (Branch Manager)
  • Hank Oak (Staff Manager)
  • Libby Doe (Credit Officer)
  • Dick R. Rogers (Loans Director)




  • The branch in Paleto Bay is holding at least $8 million at the time of The Paleto Score.
  • According to Lester, the bank is also called Baline County Savings and Loan.
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