The Blaine County Savings Bank is a bank featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


There are two branches in San Andreas, located in Chumash and Paleto Bay. The branch in Paleto Bay is accessible only during the mission The Paleto Score. The bank uses the Gruppe Sechs security company to transport money, and as a personal security system.

The branch in Paleto Bay is used by the Los Santos County Sheriff's Department to hold funds received from bribery, extortion, and general corruption.

Events of GTA V

It is involved in a heist where Michael, Trevor, and Franklin rob it and are met with fierce retaliation by the LSCSD, NOOSE, and the military.

Mission Appearances


  • Jane Smith
  • Hugh Bonnar (Branch Manager)
  • Hank Oak (Staff Manager)
  • Libby Doe (Credit Officer)
  • Dick R. Rogers (Loans Director)




  • The branch in Paleto Bay is holding at least $8 million at the time of The Paleto Score.
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