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Blaine County Radio Community Hour is a podcast and radio talk show on Blaine County Talk Radio in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, hosted by Ron Jakowski.


The show consists of replays of podcasts in which Ron discusses his various paranoid conspiracy theories. The show also takes calls from listeners who share various conspiracy theories of their own.

After the Smuggler's Run update, a second podcast will be anachronistically played. It makes various references to events during Grand Theft Auto V's timeline, Grand Theft Auto itself and events such as snow in Los Santos during Christmas events and switching characters. It also stars a guest, a right-wing activist named Sophia Bowles-Carmichael.

BCR Community Hour's Lifeinvader profile features artwork of the cover for the conspiracy theory magazine Monomania as the profile picture, likely suggesting some connection between the magazine and the radio show, since both revolve around similar topics.




  • At one point, Ron mentions "That movie about the Ark of the Covenant", referencing Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • When phoning the hotline from an apartment, a strange static noise will play, rather than the regular voicemail which plays when phoning from outside or in a car.
  • It is possible that the first podcast rerun is from September 2012, as Ron makes a throwaway line about the world approaching its end three months later on the Mayan calendar.