"Site of the notorious Blackfield Bad Trip of 1967, in which some 700 hippies choked to death on toads. The district has since been developed into a state of the art indoor dirt bike arena."
— GTA San Andreas Website.

Blackfield is a district featured in the 3D Universe version San Andreas, and only featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Located in southwest Las Venturas, San Andreas, Blackfield is the location of numerous infrastructures, like the Blackfield Stadium and the Bike School. Whitewood Estates are north of Blackfield, the Julius Thruway West and the Las Venturas Airport is located to the east, Greenglass College is in the south, Red County further south. As it is on the edge of Las Venturas Bone County, is located to the west.

Blackfield is known for many motor sport institutions.The Blackfield Stadium takes up most of the district. The Stadium is the point of many pedestrians wandering. The Stadium's parking lot remains mostly empty with most vehicles spawning in front of the stadiums entrance rather than the parking lot. The Blackfield Stadium hosts two events. The Bike school is located directly across from the Blackfield Stadium.

Places of Interest


  • Baseball Bat - Underneath the Blackfield Stadium, directly below the mission marker for the stadium event
  • Silenced 9mm - Underneath the pathway leading to the entrance of the Blackfield Stadium


  • BF Injection (Available outside the stadium only after completing the stadium mission Dirt Track)
  • Dune (Available outside the stadium only after completing the stadium mission Kickstart)
  • Kart
  • Freeway (Available outside Bike School if achieved all bronze)
  • FCR-900 (Available outside Bike School if achieved all silver)
  • NRG-500 (Available outside Bike School if achieved all gold)
  • Romero (x2)



  • According to the area's description on Rockstar's official website, Blackfield was apparently the site of a massive hallucinogenic drug festival of some sorts, where an estimated 700 people died after "choking to death on toads" in 1967. This is most likely a reference to the Sonoran Desert Toad, which secretes psychoactive substances from its skin, which if ingested by humans can cause hallucinations.


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