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Take him out! That's a $60,000,000 project!
— Military personnel, after Carl Johnson steals the Jetpack.

Black Project is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by The Truth from Verdant Meadows, Bone County, San Andreas. It can be only triggered between 20:00 and 06:00.


Carl arrives at the airfield and is welcomed by The Truth, exercising on the top of an aircraft wreck. Truth then berates Carl for having agreed to work for a government agent. He then tells Carl about a secret military research area, where he believes a "black project" is being developed. Truth drops Carl off at the boundaries of the base before leaving the area.

Carl must sneak into the underground area, by using the control tower to open the blast doors and get inside. However, the area is well protected with several soldiers patrolling the area, as well as spotlights. If Carl is spotted by a spotlight, the blast doors will be isolated from the main system, which forces Carl to use a vent to get inside.

Once inside, the alarm goes off, and Carl is forced to kill every soldier on his way to the project. Upon arriving in a lab, a scientist gives Carl his keycard, which he uses to gain access to the launch bay, where the project, which turns out to be a Jetpack, is lying at the bottom. Carl steals it and flies towards Arco del Oeste, where Truth is waiting in his van. Truth takes it, then leaves the area, while Carl complains about Truth refusing to drive him back to the airfield.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • The easiest way into the Area 69 bunker complex is through the blast doors. To open these go to the control room
  • The control tower has been disabled you must now find another way in. There is a vent that goes into the Area 69 interior. Damage the vent grate and drop in to gain entry
  • Go and find the Black Project
  • The door to the launch bay where the black project is being stored is locked. Find a keycard to access it
  • Collect the keycard and open the door to the Black Project
  • The Black Project is located at the bottom of the launch bay
  • You've found what The Truth wanted. You must escape using the Jetpack to fly out of the launch bay directly above you
  • Deliver the jetpack to a drop off point deep in the canyons


There is no money reward for this mission. A few minutes after completing the mission, The Truth will call Carl, which unlocks the mission Green Goo. The Desert Eagle is now available to buy from the Ammu-Nation ($1,200).


Alternate cutscene
NOTE: If the player's fat is above 60%, an alternate cutscene is triggered which tells the player to lose his weight.
A fat CJ arrives at his airfield looking for Mike Toreno, but gets a phone call.
CJ: Toreno, where are you?
The caller is actually The Truth, who is secretly watching CJ from one of wrecked aircrafts.
Truth: Wrong devil, CJ!
CJ: Truth, how are you?
Truth: In better shape than you, fat ass!
CJ: What - hey, you watching me?
Truth: Can't talk now. I need your help for something special. Come back when you've lost some weight, fatso. I'll be waiting.
CJ: Hey, man, what the? Damn! I ain't that chubby...
CJ leaves.
Actual mission
CJ comes back after losing weight and hears Truth's voice again.
Truth: Hail fellow, well met. Namaste. Peace. Carl, brother.
CJ: Hey, Truth, where you at?
Truth: Just checking that you were no longer on 'government business'. Where is he?
CJ finds The Truth on top of a wrecked aircraft.
CJ: How the fuck would I know, man? He's like the devil. Hey, man, you OK?
Truth: Everything is transient.
The Truth jumps down from the aircraft.
Truth: Oof. Oh, man. Uh. I'm passing through life, same as every man.
CJ: Okay.
Truth: Do you have any idea what you're doing for Toreno?
CJ: No. I seem to be on the need to know basis.
Truth: Oh, no, man. Two lies don't cancel each other out. You know that. We pay them to lie to us. Is that what our founding fathers wanted? No more, friend. No more. We're not alone.
CJ pushes Truth from holding him.
CJ: Get off me, man, what's going on?
Truth: Everything is going on! Don't you get it? There is a place. Not even on the map. A train is about to leave. It can explain better than I ever can. Boy, this is going to blow your fucking mind! We got work to do. You better drive. I'll explain. Elegance does not even touch it.
The Truth and CJ arrive at a military base, Area 69.
CJ: Hey, Truth, do we have a plan here?
Truth: Go, go, go!
CJ gets out of the mothership. Truth moves to driver seat.
CJ: HEY! Hold up, dude!
The Truth drives away in his mothership, leaving CJ at the base. CJ then enters the base and sneaks into the underground research area.
Military personnel (voice only): Installation personnel please be aware we are at Condition Red. This is not a drill! This facility has been breached, all security personnel head to the research labs now!
CJ makes his way to a lab, where a scientist is found.
Scientist: (frightened) Please, no more violence! Take my pass card and go!
CJ takes the keycard and gains access to the launch bay, where the black project is situated at the bottom.
Military personnel (voice only): Code Red! Intruder has penetrated the project! All military personnel to the launch bay IMMEDIATELY!
CJ reaches the bottom of the launch bay and finds the black project, which turns out to be a Jetpack. CJ steals the Jetpack and flies out of the launch bay.
Military personnel (voice only): Intruder is stealing the Jetpack! Take him out! That's a $60,000,000 project! Get the General Mills on the line!
CJ escapes Area 69 with the Jetpack and flies to Arco del Oeste, where The Truth is waiting in his mothership.
Truth: Carl, dude, man!
CJ: Hey, here you go. You better stash it somewhere fast!
Truth: Far out, have a nice trip, dude!
Truth drives off without taking CJ.
CJ: Hey, wait a... Ah, was it too much to ask to get a lift into town?

Post-Mission Phone Call

CJ: Hey.

Truth: Carl. It's me. The Truth. We got a date with destiny, man. In about five minutes.

CJ: Where you at?

Truth: At the old airplane graveyard you've been hanging around.

Steal The Mothership

Main article: Black Project/Steal The Mothership

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  • If CJ's fat is above 60% when attempting to start this mission, The Truth will call him a "fat ass" and then tell him to lose some weight beforehand, most likely to make it easier for the Jetpack to lift him. A similar thing will also happen in Green Goo.
  • When inside the Area 69 research area, various announcements tell the employees a variety of things including (but not limited to): "downloading pornography is strictly prohibited", "anyone caught stealing alien technology will not be invited to the next staff night out", and that "running with scissors is dangerous and not permitted". These announcements continue even after security notifies everyone of the breaches.
    • The announcement made about running with scissors not being permitted is a possible reference to the video game company Running with Scissors, best known for its Postal games, which are considered by some to be "GTA Clones".
  • The reference to "General Mills" likely refers to a well-known food manufacturing company in the US.
  • The scientists in the base all have German/European accents. This could be a reference to Operation Paperclip, in which the U.S. Government employed 1,500 ex-Nazi scientists to prevent their knowledge from falling into Soviet hands. The project ended in 1990, two years before the game's events.
  • When navigating through the hallways near the scientist who gives Carl the keycard, the player can spot a crowbar on a table in a lab. This is a reference to Valve's 1998 FPS Half-Life, where the protagonist is a scientist escaping an alien-filled underground lab, with a crowbar as his melee weapon of choice.
  • Like the Alderney State Correctional Facility during Get Lost in TLAD, Area 69 has speaker phone voicing commands and other chit chat to scientists alike that is only present during this mission.
  • The ability to remove the Jetpack once equipped is disabled during the mission. This is also the case in the mission Green Goo.
  • If the player somehow managed to get inside the lab without being spotted, the SAM near the area will not be temporarily disabled and once the player escaped the lab with the Jetpack, the SAM will still shoot down the player like usual, making the mission nearly impossible.
  • There is an area where the player can jump out of bounds on the way to getting the Jetpack that will then teleport them to the room where they leave the base.
  • The alarm in the PC and original Xbox versions uses a unique sound which is slower compared to other versions of the game. The alarm from the mobile versions and remastered Xbox 360 version of the game is similar to the PC version, though it is much faster, while the PS2 version reuses the alarm sound from Vertical Bird, which is much faster.
  • In The Definitive Edition, sneaking into the underground base without setting off the alarm will earn the player the "They Can't Stop All of Us" achievement.