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Black Eagle is a firearm related company, likely manufacturer, in Grand Theft Auto Online.


Not much is know about the company, as there are no weapons seen in-game to be made by them, but their name tagline: "Handgun Specialists" suggests that they manufacture, repair, or sell handguns.

So far, the company can only be seen on vehicle liveries in Grand Theft Auto Online. The liveries are usually for more heavy and off-road vehicles, the Freecrawler and Caracara 4x4, which might suggest that the company is American, since its branded liveries only appear on American-manufactured vehicles.

However, there is a livery for the RM-10 Bombushka called "Black Eagle", but it is likely not connected to the firearms brand because it lacks any Black Eagle branding and there is also a livery called "Gold Eagle", which is just a colour variant of the Black Eagle livery.



  • The company is likely named after the Black Eagle.
  • In real life, there is a shotgun called the "Black Eagle", which is made by the Italian company Benelli Armi SpA.


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