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Blêuter'd is a brand of champagne featured in The Ballad of Gay Tony, Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


Blêuter'd is used in the champagne drinking game at Maisonette 9. Gay Tony can be seen with it in two different artworks and Joni can be seen with it in her artwork.

In GTA V, Blêuter'd bottles can be found inside 24/7, Limited Service and Rob's Liquor stores.

In GTA Online, as of the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update, the player can smuggle special crates containing Blêuter'd champagne and Redwood Cigarettes. The nightclub and casino bars offer Blêuter'd champange for sale to the player in a Silver, Gold and Diamond variant. The player can add a bottle of Blêuter'd Gold to their inventory, for use as a snack, by requesting it for free through the penthouse phone services. Consuming the champagne will show the same action as if it were consumed at a bar.

Various luxury aircraft feature Blêuter'd bottles on small stands, in which passengers can drink champagne from these bottles.



  • Blêuter'd is a combination of the French word Bleuter ("to make blue") and the slang word blutered ("to be extremely drunk").
  • Blêuter'd sounds like "blue turd".
  • Visually, Blêuter'd seems to have been inspired by the Piper-Heidseick champagne house. Design-wise both carry striking red labels, a gold stripe centre, and a symbol top centre.
  • The logo of Blêuter'd appears to be using an edited variant of the Royal coat of arms of Great Britain, closely resembling the logo of the Ministry of Justice, but with the unicorn removed and replaced with a second lion.