"The original handheld weapon of mass procrastination."
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bitterSweet (BAWSAQ: BTR) is a phone company advertised heavily in Grand Theft Auto IV. The player can buy stocks from then in the website in GTA V.


The bitterSweet spoofs the Blackberry, and is advertised as highly addictive, and highly annoying. The motto for bitterSweet is Be Everywhere. And Nowhere.

BitterSweet Advertisements


BitterSweet Phone

The advertising for the bitterSweet focuses mainly on user testimonials, and prides itself on being "always connected, perpetually disconnected". Commercials focus mainly on the annoyances of the BlackBerry phone, such as loud alerts and a constant blinking red light for unimportant emails, the device taking most of the owners' attention (The "Blackberry Disease") and dismissing family functions. Though the BitterSweet is constantly mentioned in-game, it is not obtainable.

Notable Owners

  • Franklin Clinton. His phone is manufactured by bitterSweet, but the operating system is Drone. (a parody of Android Operating System.)
    • Strangely, the UI design seems to nearly replicate the characteristics of BlackBerry OS 7.
    • In a strange twist of irony, Blackberry has very recently (as of 2015) started manufacturing Android phones in a bid to win back the market, largely due to how Blackberry devices are percieved to be lacking in desirable apps.



  • Bittersweet is a reference to Blackberry's mobile operating system 'Symphony OS' through The Verve song "Bittersweet Symphony"
  • Sometimes, when you bump into civilians, they'll yell "My bitterSweet!" in a panicky tone, implying their bitterSweet got damaged.
  • The name is also a pun on a blackberry's taste.
  • The logo is also styled to BlackBerry's font & style, but other companies using the same font are Whiz.
  • The bitterSweet device's physical keyboard does not follow the QWERTY pattern.
  • Franklin's phone in the enhaced version of GTA V, an originally Samsung-based phone rebranded as a bitterSweet, is a coincidental jab at rumors which circulated in early 2015 about a potential BlackBerry purchase by Samsung.
  • The homescreen on Franklin's phone, both previous and current generation, resembles the design used on BlackBerry OS7.

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