Bismarck Avenue is an avenue in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, located in Algonquin, Liberty City. It is named after Bismarck, the state capital of North Dakota.


The avenue starts in the north at an intersection with Vauxite Street, Walnut Way and San Juan Road in East Holland, and runs directly south, passing through the areas of Lancaster, Middle Park East, Hatton Gardens, Lancet, Easton, Lower Easton, Chinatown and coming to an end at an intersection with South Parkway running along the edge of The Exchange and Castle Gardens.

East Holland Police Station.

View of Grand Easton Terminal from the south with the GetaLife Building looming over it.

Along the road are various landmarks, buildings and features, including Cleethorpes Tower, Columbus Cathedral, Zirconium Building, Grand Easton Terminal and GetaLife Building. It also runs past an intersection with Kunzite Street which connects to the Algonquin Bridge.

At the northern end of the road, the avenue has has access to the west entrance of the East Holland Police Station. After the intersection at Manganese Street adjacent to the Columbus Cathedral, the road is divided in two with decorative trees running down the center of the road, akin to the real-life Park Avenue in New York City along this particular stretch. This continues until reaching the north side of the Grand Easton Terminal where a large sculpture presents the termination of the road on Jade Street. The road continues almost completely inline at the other side of the station on Hematite Street. At Emerald Street, the road once again shifts slightly east continuing on through Chinatown toward The Exchange where it terminates on a steep slope at South Parkway. The road continues onto Flatfish Place.

The entire street is a 2-lane road flowing in both directions and connects to 23 streets - almost all horizontal streets of the Algonquin alphabetical system, namely A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S and T, U and V, missing out letter I, and falling short of W and X.

While its stretch is technically longer than both Albany Avenue and Columbus Avenue - the second and first longest, respectively, Bismarck Avenue is broken up into 3 "sections" and, even when combined, only places third.[1]

It is likely based on Manhattan's Park Avenue, given where it passes through, particularly in the Lower Easton area of Algonquin, which appears to be based on Park Avenue's notable Grand Central Terminal stretch.


Location Type Road Direction Image(s)
The Exchange road begin South Parkway e/b toward Union Drive East
w/b toward Denver Avenue & Union Drive West
road crossing Amethyst Street e/b toward Albany Avenue
road crossing Barium Street w/b toward Denver Avenue
Chinatown road crossing Calcium Street e/b toward Borlock Road
road crossing Diamond Street w/b toward Liberty Lane
road crossing Cavity Lane w/b toward Wong Way
road end Emerald Street e/b toward Privateer Road
Chinatown road begin Emerald Street e/b toward Privateer Road
Lower Easton road crossing Feldspar Street w/b toward Union Drive West
road crossing Garnet Street e/b toward Union Drive East
w/b toward Castle Drive & Union Drive West
Easton road end Hematite Street e/b toward Albany Avenue & Leaper's Bridge
w/b toward Union Drive West.
Easton road begin Jade Street e/b toward Albany Avenue. Terminates and continues at Hematite Street.
Lancet road crossing Algonquin Bridge & Kunzite Street e/b toward Algonquin - Dukes Expressway, Dukes Boulevard & Munsee Avenue
Hatton Gardens road crossing Lorimar Street w/b toward Galveston Avenue & West Way
road crossing Manganese Street e/b toward Albany Avenue & Union Drive East
Middle Park East road crossing Nickel Street w/b toward Union Drive West
road crossing Obsidian Street e/b toward Union Drive East
road crossing Pyrite Street w/b toward Columbus Avenue
Lancaster road crossing Quartz Street e/b toward Albany Avenue
road crossing Ruby Street e/b toward East Borough Bridge & Union Drive East
w/b toward Columbus Avenue
road crossing Silicon Street e/b toward Union Drive East
road crossing Topaz Street e/b toward Albany Avenue, San Juan Road & Union Drive East
w/b toward Hickey Bridge & Union Drive West
East Holland road crossing Uranium Street w/b toward Galveston Avenue
road end San Juan Road, Vauxite Street & Walnut Way e/b toward Albany Avenue, Topaz Street & Union Drive East
Continues as Walnut Way toward Exeter Avenue & Grummer Road


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  1. A comparison between Bismarck Avenue and other avenues in length. Blue illustrates the original stretch of Bismarck Avenue, while red indicates a "compressed" stretch (excluding gaps), placed next to Columbus Avenue (left) and Albany Avenue (right) for comparison in length.


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