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Oh, I know what you're thinking - "Why is this guy working on the street?"
It's because I care. I'm already rich and I want you to be rich too. I've got all the toys - sports cars, condos, harem of nubile women, weapons, my own water supply. I'm living the dream, but I also want to help out random strangers.
— Bill Binder

Bill Binder is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V, appearing as a soapboxer.


He appears outside Willie's Supermarket on Paleto Boulevard and Procopio Drive in Paleto Bay, Blaine County soapboxing about economic conspiracies and how they are destroying the American economy to the point where he believes it will collapse in 2014 (revised from his original prediction of 2012). Most of his statements appear to be a sales pitch aimed at soliciting $10,000 contributions to his Pyramid Scheme, the Binder New World Wealth System through his website. On his website he claims to have buried yuan in Arizona and injured a greedy young boy with the booby-trap that protected the cache. His appearance is based on television personality Jim Cramer, while his tactics of fear-mongering a potential economic apocalypse to obtain investors are based on Glenn Beck and Goldline.


We are in this together! We are fighting the government and the vested interests. We're trying to keep the dollar and keep it's value through a unique investment strategy! Check out for more information.
— Bill Binder to Trevor Philips

Bill will only invite Trevor Philips to visit the website but all three Protagonists are able to interact with the site and spend the $10,000 to get an investment portfolio, which appears to buy them random currency such as Egyptian pounds, Djiboutian francs or actual US dollars which they can track using the My Portfolio link on the website. The currency type and amount will change with every click of the My Portfolio link.

The player is unable to withdraw the funds and instead the Pyramid Scheme is revealed when they click the Cash out my investment option.

To protect and maximize the value of your portfolio, no withdrawals are permitted until after the economy has collapsed AND you have recruited 20 new participants to the scheme.
The more investments at the bottom, the bigger the returns at the top. That's economics! A pyramid - like the Egyptians. How do you think they built that my friend? And it's still here today, that's how I designed my plan.
See you on the other side!
— Bill Binder - on the website when trying to cash out.



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The American economy is doomed! You've got two options - invest in the Binder New World Wealth System or learn Chinese fast.