Exterior of the Crack Palace during End of the Line.

Big Smoke's Crack Palace is the home of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas character Big Smoke after he leaves Idlewood, Los Santos. The building is located in East Los Santos, southeast of the Pig Pen strip club.


The Crack Palace is made up of four floors, the "Security Area", the "Drug Lab", the "Ballas Lounge" and Big Smoke's suite. The building is used as a crack palace by allies in the form of security from the Ballas, Los Santos Vagos, San Fierro Rifa, corrupt LSPD officers and the Russian Mafia. It is a front to sell drugs around the city, mostly crack cocaine, hence the name. Even though the building is blown up during End of the Line, it is still accessible after the mission, undamaged. A statue that shows Big Smoke's original beta character design can be found inside the palace. In Big Smoke's suite, there is a Sprunk vending machine and 3 "Go Go Space Monkey" arcade machines.

Events of GTA San Andreas

While their enemies, the Grove Street Families, are disbanded, Ganton is owned by the Ballas, Carl is taken away by Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski, Sweet is imprisoned, and the Palace rises to power. The power of Big Smoke increases with the drug trade from the Crack Palace to all over Los Santos. Big Smoke moves into the building sometime after Carl Johnson is forced to leave Los Santos. The other front of Big Smoke's drug empire, second to the Crack Palace, was the crack factory in Doherty, San Fierro, destroyed by Carl Johnson in the mission Yay Ka-Boom-Boom. In the mission End of the Line, Carl breaks into the building with a SWAT Tank and kills Big Smoke, before Frank Tenpenny destroys the building. Carl escapes, and, after a chase across Los Santos, witnesses the death of Tenpenny.


  • On the PlayStation 2, the entrance to Big Smoke's Crack Palace can be blown off with any sort of high level explosive (Rocket Launcher's and Satchel Charges for example, regular Grenades and car explosions do not work) before End of the Line, which reveals Blue Hell. However, this was fixed when the game came out on the PC and Xbox 360.



  • After the mission King In Exile, Cesar calls CJ and informs him that Big Smoke expands his business to San Fierro by sending a courier from the Crack Palace to deliver drugs there. If CJ responds positively, a mission starts and CJ has to kill the courier on his way to San Fierro. That depicts that Big Smoke had decided to move to the Crack Palace before The Green Sabre, because King In Exile is made in a very short time after The Green Sabre. That can be explained, because in The Introduction, in a conversation between Mike Toreno and T-Bone Mendez, Toreno says that he found "a buyer" from Los Santos, meaning that Big Smoke had ties to the Loco Syndicate before the game even started.
  • At one point during the mission End of the Line, a SWAT Tank breaks in through the wall from a back alleyway, allowing SWAT to enter the building. However, there is no back alleyway around the building.
  • The statue of the beta Big Smoke depicts him holding an Uzi in his left hand. The weapon doesn't exist in the game, only the Micro variant of the Uzi exists. However, this may point out that the Uzi was going to appear in the game.
  • After End of the Line, there is a large hole in the wall on the first floor of the crack palace that allows you to view outside; however you cannot access the outside from it and if a weapon is fired at the hole it will not go through.
  • After End of the Line, if the player enters one of the small rooms on floor 3 that have stripper poles, music will suddenly start playing. That's because that was intended to happen in the mission
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