"Good lord! Look at that! That architect must have real issues. It's sick. Just keep him away from children."
— GTA San Andreas Website.

The Big Pointy Building is a 850 foot tall (78-story), 257 m office building in San Fierro. The building is an obvious reference to the real-life Transamerica Pyramid located in the city of San Francisco. Located in the city's Financial district, the tower is the tallest building in San Fierro. The tiny roof at its pinnacle is accessible to the player, at which a parachute spawns in case the urge to leap off should arise. This point provides a 360 degree panoramic view of San Fierro, granting some choice shots to amateur photographers patient enough to wait for the fog to lift.


This structure is meant to emulate San Francisco's Transamerica Pyramid, which sits at the north end of the city's financial district, and is San Francisco's tallest structure, and a well known part of the city's skyline.



The sign with the Easter egg

  • There are various signs around the base of the building. They read as follow: "Voted San Andreas Pointiest Building", "'Big Prick' Jokes Are Forbidden", "Visitors Welcome", and "No Basejumping".
  • According to the signs on the base of the building, the address of the building is 69 Hasselhoff Street, which could be a reference to the Transamerica Pyramid's construction in 1969 and possibly actor David Hasselhoff.
  • Although this building is seemingly the tallest structure in the whole city, the nearby San Fierro Tower is actually taller, if its antenna height is included. However, the Big Pointy Building is still the tallest building in San Fierro by floor count.
  • If the player has completely maxed out the health bar, he/she can jump off the building without a parachute and survive.
  • If the player collides with the building's exterior in a small plane, there is a chance that the plane won't explode, and instead will start to roll down the building's sloped sides, allowing the player to escape or parachute out of the severely damaged vehicle.

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