Big Horn Drive is a street located in Westdyke, Alderney in Grand Theft Auto IV. The street starts along Beaverhead Avenue, also in Westdyke, goes north then east, along a RON petrol station and its car wash, dips south and stops along Owl Creek Avenue.

Some mansions featured in the CNT show, I'm Rich, are located along the street. A helipad on one of them spawns a Maverick.


Location Type Road Direction
Westdyke Road begin Beaverhead Avenue n/b toward Sacramento Avenue
s/b toward Flathead Road
Road crossing Owl Creek Avenue e/b toward Sacramento Avenue
Road crossing Cassiar Avenue n/b toward Beaverhead Avenue
Road end Owl Creek Avenue e/b toward Sacramento Avenue
w/b toward Big Horn Drive



  • The street is named after the mountain range in western USA or the famous battle, a battle with the Americans against the Native Americans and where Colonel Custer died or even a sexual reference, as "Big Horn" is slang for a large penis.


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