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On the west coast, you’re not only judged by your car, but also by your expensive exercise gear. A bicycle that costs $10,000? Why not? Delude yourself in tight shorts and tap shoes while yelling at pedestrians for getting in your way.
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Michael De Santa riding a bicycle through Rockford Hills.

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Bicycles are pedal-driven two-wheeled vehicles that appear in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, Grand Theft Auto V, and Grand Theft Auto Online.


The player can perform Bunny hops on a bicycle in all of their appearances. Like motorcycles, the player can fall off a bicycle if they collides with enough force.

In all appearances, all bicycles do not feature a radio, despite motorcycles allowing such ability.

3D Universe

A Mountain Bike in GTA San Andreas.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas introduces the pedal bicycle to the Grand Theft Auto series. The player can increase Carl Johnson's cycling skill through long rides on bicycles or on the stationary bike at the gym. The higher the skill, the less chance Carl will fall off the bicycle, the higher he can bunny-hop, and the more responsive the bicycle is. When the player performs a wheelie, they can reach a higher top speed. Bicycles are completely indestructible; gunshots, fire, and explosives do not harm the bicycle in any way. Nearby explosions will knock CJ off the bicycle.

Pedestrians can often be seen riding bicycles all over the state. The BMX and Bike can be found in the cities and countryside, while Mountain Bikes are only common in recreational areas such as Mulholland, Verdant Bluffs, and Playa del Seville.

Grand Theft Auto V

Southern San Andreas practically invented the art of turning ordinary transportation options into ways to maim yourself while showing off. Bicycle Motocross or BMX is a great way to make the urban landscape your playground. Just don't be surprised when people post video of you faceplanting off a flight of stairs.
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In Grand Theft Auto V, bicycles make a return with realistic aspects. The game includes a number of bicycles each performing very differently from each other, and with different designs. Some allow the player to perform bunny hops and tricks, and some include bells. The player is able to travel dramatically faster on a bicycle, particularly the BMX by abusing the bunny hop mechanic repeatedly and from side-to-side.

Pedestrians can often be seen riding bicycles, particularly off-road or around Vespucci Beach and Del Perro Beach. They often appear using provided cycle lanes. Michael De Santa and Jimmy can often be seen using bicycles when switching characters. Jimmy uses a bicycle as a means of transport once his BeeJay XL is repossessed, and is sometimes seen arriving at Michael's house on it.

Bicycles can be purchased from Pedal and Metal Cycles, an in-game cycle website. They are then stored in player-owned garages. In GTA Online, bicycles can only be kept in apartment garages and standalone garages purchased from Dynasty 8, stored on wall-mounted bicycle racks (when available) or simply stood upright using the kickstand, and cannot be insured or requested for delivery, nor respawned/requested once lost. Two-car garages store one bicycle, stood upright in front of the player's first vehicle, six-car garages store two bicycles on wall racks, and 10-car garages store three bicycles on wall racks (note that in this case there are six racks placed half the distance apart than the two in a six-car garage, but only three are set to be usable). As with vehicles, if the player attempts to store another bicycle where the space/all the racks are already assigned a bicycle, they will be asked which bicycle they want to replace, listing the oldest bicycle first.

Cycling is part of the Triathlon series of missions, unlocked after completion of Daddy's Little Girl, which formally introduces the cycling mechanic to the player. Another series of triathlons can be unlocked when encountering Mary-Ann Quinn, a triathlon enthusiast, in the "Exercising Demons" Strangers and Freaks missions each of the players can compete with Mary in. In GTA Online, players can participate in Bike Races, some of which involving bicycles.

List of Bicycles

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Grand Theft Auto V


  • Bicycles cannot be resprayed at Pay 'n' Spray in GTA San Andreas. If the player rides a bicycle into a Pay 'n' Spray, they will receive an "I don't do toys!" message. However, in GTA Vice City Stories, the player can go to the Pay 'n' Spray normally and the message will still say "new engine and paintjob".
  • Due to a glitch in GTA San Andreas, anytime a bicycle catches fire, it will also set CJ on fire.
  • In GTA San Andreas, the player can perform a glitch that allows for a much bigger bunny hop. To do this, they can hold the secondary fire button (bunny hop) like normal, then immediately after letting go, press the fire button (shooting the gun).

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