Bettina is a character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. She appears in one mission only, Ice Cold Killa, as a prostitute who works for Jizzy B (cut scene only). Bettina is seen trying to get close with him while he shows that he simply wasn't in the mood shoves her away. After taking abuse from him, he gets ready to call some more drugs in, she tells him they are running low on the stuff and that they need a bigger cut. After a brief confrontation with Jizzy B he pushes her away, right up against a security guard while saying a few nasty comments she replies with a few nasty comments of her own, and walks off right past Carl , seconds before he points a gun towards Jizzy's head just before the big shootout. She is voiced by Noelle Sadler.


  • Bettina's name is a reference to the Indonesian word betina, a term for a female animal; e.g kuda betina, or female horse.
  • In GTAIV the player can see her artwork face on money on the wall in Comrades bar .
  • Bettina never actually gets a chance to say anything to Carl.
  • Her name is never said by Jizzy B or anyone in the game, but can be found in the games files.
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