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Before the release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, there were features that were removed from the final product. These changes range from deleted vehicles and player skins to the removal of entire characters and mission strands.


  • A character called Mr. Moffat was removed from the game. 
  • Tommy Vercetti originally wore a dark blue Hawaiian shirt.[1]
  • Ricardo Diaz's original name was Fernando Diaz.
  • Cam Jones' original name was Mike Jones.
  • BJ Smith's original name was BJ Jones.
  • Pastor Richards and Donald Love originally had a bigger role in the game.
  • Lance Vance originally wore a purple suit and a black undershirt according to artwork.
  • Kent Paul originally had a totally different model according to leftover files.
  • Ken Rosenberg originally wore a light pink suit and a yellow undershirt according to leftover files.
  • Sonny Forelli originally wore a light pink suit and a black undershirt, with dark glasses as seen from the artwork.


  • The police car was originally intended to be white with red and blue stripes, resembling squad cars from the Miami Beach Police Department. This was replaced by police cars with green and white livery, which in turn was based on the Miami-Dade Police Department.
  • The Coastguard Maverick was a helicopter that would have probably been used by the coastguards but was cut during development. The model and the in-game name remains in the game files, and it was probably replaced by the VCN Maverick, as it is called "COASTMAV" in the game files.[2]
  • The Dodo was meant to appear in the game but was cut during development. This is evidenced in the handling file, possibly replaced either by the Skimmer or a leftover from GTA III.
  • The Kuruma from GTA III was going to be included but cut during development. This is evidenced in the handling files, probably a leftover from GTA III.
  • The TOYZ van from GTA III was to be included but it was cut and replaced by the Top Fun van.
  • A civilian version of the Patriot was meant to appear, but it was reworked into the standard army Patriot.
  • The Virgo (along with originally being named the Cougar, was based on a Mercury Cougar. The only difference between the "Cougar" beta vehicle and the final in-game Virgo is that the former retains the full set of taillights from the Lincoln Continental Mark V.

Beta names

  • The PCJ 600 was originally simply called the Bike.
  • The Blista Compact was originally called the Civic.
  • The Virgo was originally called the Cougar.
  • The Cuban Jetmax was originally simply called the Cupboat.
  • The Mesa Grande was originally called the Desperado.
  • The Sanchez was originally simply called the Dirtbike.
  • The FBI Washington was originally simply called the FBI Car.
  • The Caddy was originally called the Golfcart.
  • The Faggio was originally simply called the Moped.
  • The Skimmer was originally called the Seaplane.


  • A mission involving the removed character Mr. Moffat was cut.
  • A mission involving an unknown removed character, questioning BJ Smith's absence over the phone, was cut.
  • An additional mission for the film studio asset, given by Steve Scott over the phone, was cut.
  • An additional mission for Avery Carrington, given by him over the phone, was cut.
  • According to a pre-release screenshot, an M4 was used in Supply & Demand rather than the Ruger.

City and Locations

The beta map of Vice City inside the Sunshine Autos complex.


  • The MAC-10 was supposed to have a silencer.
  • The Land Mine was cut.
  • The Grenade Launcher was cut.
  • The Tazer was cut.
  • The Nailgun was cut.
  • The Desert Eagle was able to use in free roaming but it was cut.
  • The Steyr Aug was cut.
  • The Ruger had a wooden skin (kept only on the original PS2 version).
  • The Sniper Rifle was going to have an ammo clip.
  • The Combat Shotgun had a longer barrel.
  • The Silenced 9mm was cut.
  • The Silver Colt 1911 was cut.
  • The Micro Uzi from Grand Theft Auto III was meant to reappear but it was replaced by MAC-10 as seen in its HUD icon.
  • The Shotgun from Grand Theft Auto III was meant to reappear.
  • The Grenade was originally reused its textures from Grand Theft Auto III.
  • The M16 from Grand Theft Auto III was meant to reappear.
  • An unused HUD icon of a Razor exists.[6]


  • The SWAT team would have a bright blue uniform instead of dark blue.
  • The Haitian gangster who wears the blue shirt used to have a picture on the shirt instead of the word "Relax".[7]
  • There were several unused ped models. One man wearing a blue suit, one woman carrying a basket, another woman is wearing a orange shirt and another woman is carrying two shopping bags.
  • There was once a blond-haired prostitute with pigtails and a red skirt. She was supposed to appear around the streets of the Downtown area, and dance in the Malibu Club as shown in several trailers.
  • The second member of the Sharks looked different. He was Caucasian and had the same face as the first member.

Radio Stations and Soundtrack

  • According to TXD files, a radio station named VCN was cut late in the development.
  • According to unused dialogue, a Kenny Loggins song was supposed to be featured in the game.
  • Radio icons for the nine in-game radio stations and VCN were planned but were never used[8].
  • According to early previews, Hall and Oates' Do It for Love was supposed to be featured in the game.


  • There were many phone conversations between Tommy and Mercedes Cortez. These line can clearly be heard in audio files.[9]
  • There were many lines cut from characters such as Kent Paul, Umberto Robina, Ken Rosenberg, Mercedes Cortez, Mr. Moffat and BJ Smith in Sunshine Autos.[4]
  • Tires were able to be slashed and recorded into the stats.[10]
  • There was going to be an additional outfit called "MC Tommy" but was removed. It was originally a brown biker jacket that could be found inside Howlin' Petes Biker Emporium. However, neither model nor texture of that outfit exists.
  • According to three TXD files, a first person view was proposed. First person view would be finally implemented later in the next-gen version of Grand Theft Auto V.[11]
  • The sky in the beta version was a darker blue.
  • The beta HUD was very different. [12]
  • The radar originally had a more decent, gradient look. [13]
  • The water was more light and reflective in the beta.
  • The health and armor had a different color.
  • A rumoured GameCube version was going to be made, but was scrapped. Reproduction carts do exist, however.
  • According to textures found on the PS2 disc, there was going to be an interior for the Inside Track in Vice Point indicating that betting was initially for Vice City but got delayed until GTA San Andreas.
  • According to unused audio, loan sharks were meant to call Tommy, as you were originally able to borrow money.
  • According to a former developer, at one point early in development, Roxy Music's More Than This was supposed to be the original theme song. [14]
  • There is an unused texture for Lance Vance called 'IGBudy3.txd'. This texture is his standard white suit with blood splatters, which would have been most likely used in the mission Death Row or Keep Your Friends Close.... His standard texture is used instead.
  • There was originally a cheat code in the game that would grant cars helicopter physics.
  • The original TOPFUN logo was more similar to the Top Gun (1986) logo.



GTA Vice City Beta Version and Removed Content


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