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This article lists Beta Releases in Grand Theft Auto Online. Content that was originally cut may also be listed here.


Name Changes

Numerous vehicles' names were changed through development.

Original Name Final Name
Armordillo[1] Insurgent (Pick-Up)
Cognosceti Sport[2] Cognoscenti 55
Cossie[3] Retinue
Ghost[4] Sanctus
LE-7B[5] RE-7B
Microlight[5] Ultralight
Napalm[6] Valkyrie
Prototipo[5] X80 Proto
Sheava[5] ETR1

Cut Vehicles

  • A special ramp-door Mule, internally named mule2, was originally unused. It features a unique ramp-door replacing the standard doors on the back. It was eventually used in one particular Resupply mission as part of the Gunrunning update, exclusively for the enhanced version, but is otherwise unobtainable.
  • Audio files suggest the Tug was meant to be added in the Heists Update, as various engine sounds are found in audio clips. This would support one of the heists cut from the final release, which involved raiding the Port of LS for drugs, where players enter by both sea and air. This was soon added in the Executives and Other Criminals update for the enhanced version only.


  • Lines of Coke was a mission cut from GTA Online. It would have been available for 1 to 4 players, and is overall very similar to The Los Santos Connection. The player(s) must go to a drug deal taking place in a parking garage in Little Seoul, and would go to check the GPS of a Boxville, guarded by enemies, to get a location of the enemy.
  • Prison Break - Riot Vans was a heist setup cut from GTA Online. It was originally planned to be one of the setups for the Prison Break setup as part of the Heists Update, but went unused. Only audio from the mission remains. The audio files are of the heist leader, a different character, who was eventually replaced by Agent 14, who went on to instruct the entire heist.[7]
  • Multiple other audio bank files suggest beta heists/heist setups were in development but cut from the final update:[8]
    • 2 setup missions were cut from the Pacific Standard heist:
      • A setup mission involved locating and capturing a character named Melvin Andrews. These clips suggest the player had to track him down by avoiding "phantom signals" and following the correct one Lester gives them. [9]. His role in the heist suggests he was replaced by Avi Schwartzman, who uses the same voice as Melvin.
      • Another setup mission involved tracking down a bank manager, under the name of Joseph Whites, aka "Casanova", and tailing him back to his apartment. Here, the players steal his bank pass/card in order to clone it, which will allow them to gain access to the vault in the final heist. To distract Joseph, the players seduce him, performing sex acts, such as "spooning". It is likely his role in the heist was deemed unnecessary, but also sexually inappropriate, and as such the final heist involves simply hacking into the vault.[10]
    • Other parts of the audio files include Lester hosting another heist/heist setup which involves stealing a chopper from the LS Naval Port.[11]
    • A huge number of audio files suggest major changes were made to the Fleeca Job, wherein the final heist consisted of raiding 3 banks.[12] [13] Interior models of the smaller, inaccessible, franchises of Fleeca banks exist in the files. These audio files show that the Fleeca branch on Vespucci Boulevard was one of the three banks to be hit.
      • One of two setup missions are also referenced in audio files, including one involving stealing Seasharks and dropping them off in the LS River.
      • Another setup mission involves planting explosives on substations around the city, ready to be triggered during the final heist, in order to bring power down during the bank robberies.
    • Another set of audio clips suggest another heist was scrapped before the release, this time involving stealing drug shipments in the Port of Los Santos using the Cargobob[14], multiple missions involving ambushing moving targets using a sniper team and other vehicles[15][16], and raiding the Clucking Bell Farms chicken factory and loading drug shipments onto trucks.[17] These audio instructions are hosted by an unknown character, the same character voicing the beta Prison Break - Riot Vans mission. Static files found in the heist DLC folder contain areas where heists take place. The inclusion of Elysian Island in these files suggest this was one of the possible areas of the port to be hit during this heist.[18]


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