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Before the release of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, there were features that were removed from the final product. These changes range from deleted vehicles and player skins to the removal of entire characters and mission strands.



  • The Ruger was cut. However, the HUD icon for the weapon can still be found in the game files on the PS2.
  • The Tear Gas was cut, but it can be accessed by cheat devices.


  • A screenshot suggests that Toni could wear the Leone's Suit when doing missions for JD.
  • The mission for Phil Cassidy was cut. Only the HUD icon remains.
  • Unknown Phone Missions were cut. Only HUD icons remain. It is possible that the icon replaced the "S" from Salvatore phone missions.
  • After "Driving Mr. Leone", there would be a news report about Shoreside Lift Bridge and Porter Tunnel under construction.
  • Karmageddon was originally titled Firetruck Frenzy.
  • Massacres were cut.[1]
  • A Mission called Mobile Massacre! was cut.[2]
  • Assassination Contracts were cut.[3]



  • A car named Bullion was intended to appear in the game but was remodeled into the Hellenbach GT.
  • A car named Cyclone GT was dropped during development and it was likely to appear as a sports car.
  • A car named Evidence was intended to appear. It was meant to appear in the mission L.C. Confidential.
  • A Mini Cooper based-on vehicle called Tommy was meant to appear. The model, textures, and data lines remain in the mobile release of the game.
  • The Jester and Sultan from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas were meant to reappear.
  • A car named Skoiloine was taken out.
  • The Lancer MF1 was cut.
  • Some cars from the original GTA III such as Panlantic were unused and can be spawned by cheat devices or action replay codes.
  • An unused variant of the Leone Sentinel, internally named "mafiablood", was intended to appear in the mission "The Made Man" when JD O'Toole is killed, but a regular Leone Sentinel is used instead.


  • The player could buy properties. Only the HUD icon remains.
  • Snow was cut, but it can be still enabled and seen in the side mission Car Salesman level 9.
  • Originally, the LCPD would have chased the player in Predators on higher wanted levels. Sound files exist.
  • There were originally advertisements for billboards advertising The Clam Digger and Pocket Rocket 2: The Grape Smugglers.[4]
  • OK Clothing from Grand Theft Auto III was originally supposed to reappear in Liberty City Stories as seen in pre-release screenshots but was removed.



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