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Before the release of Grand Theft Auto 2, there were features that were changed or removed from the final product. These include vehicle design changes, vehicle removal, and changes to weapons.



  • In the promo movie & inside the game files, districts by the names of Chernobyl Docks, Romanova[1], Azimuth[2], Barking[3], and Kyabetsu[4] were going to be in the game, but they were removed. Also, Arbo[5] and Gonad[6] were actually referenced by name in the police dispatch instead of being called "South Central".

Radios and songs

  • Ridiculous FM - a progressive rock radio with a single song that would have lasted 20 minutes.
  • Rev. Rooney & The Rocksta Choir's "God Bless All The Universe" was going to have more profanity.

Ray Larabie's early vehicle designs

Ray Larabie (born 1970 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian designer of computer TrueType and OpenType fonts.

Larabie has previously worked for Rockstar Games (in particular Rockstar Toronto), designing for the Grand Theft Auto series. Among his accomplishments were the designs of vehicles in Grand Theft Auto 2, although they were never used. His designs look much more futuristic than the final versions.

NOTE: Click on the images to go to their articles, or hover over the image to reveal the vehicle's name.
Ray Larabie's early vehicle designs
A-Type-GTA2-Larabie B-Type-GTA2-Larabie Z-Type-GTA2-Larabie Bulwark-GTA2-Larabie
Dementia-GTA2-Larabie GT-A1-GTA2 Bug-GTA2-Larabie FuroreGT-GTA2-Larabie
Hachura-GTA2-Larabie Jefferson-GTA2-Larabie Morton-GTA2-Larabie Romero-GTA2-Larabie
Rumbler-GTA2-Larabie Shark-GTA2-Larabie TranceAM-GTA2-Larabie T-Rex-GTA2-Larabie
Wellard-GTA2-Larabie U-JerkTruck-GTA2-Larabie Taxi-GTA2-Larabie TaxiXpress-GTA2-Larabie
CopCar-GTA2-Larabie DementiaLimousine-GTA2-Larabie StretchLimousine-GTA2-Larabie SportsLimousine-GTA2-Larabie
Bus-GTA2-Larabie KarmaBus-GTA2-Larabie FireTruck-GTA2-Larabie SwatVan-GTA2-Larabie
Medicar-GTA2-Larabie Pacifier-GTA2-Larabie Tank-GTA2-Larabie Ice-CreamVan-GTA2-Larabie
HotDogVan-GTA2-Larabie G4BankVan-GTA2-Larabie GarbageTruck-GTA2-Larabie TowTruck-GTA2-Larabie
TruckCab-GTA2-Larabie TruckCabSX-GTA2-Larabie TankerTrailer-GTA2-Larabie Boxcar-GTA2-Larabie
Unnamed vehicles
Unknown1-GTA2-RayLarabie Unknown2-GTA2-RayLarabie Unknown3-GTA2-RayLarabie Unknown4-GTA2-RayLarabie
Unknown5-GTA2-RayLarabie Unknown6-GTA2-RayLarabie Unknown7-GTA2-RayLarabie Unknown8-GTA2-RayLarabie
Unknown9-GTA2-RayLarabie Unknown10-GTA2-RayLarabie


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