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Beta characters are characters that were cut or changed during the development of a Grand Theft Auto game. Only two types of characters that were Deleted, Beta Name or Remodeled. Their files still appear inside the disc but some were deleted and can never be found in the files. Others were renamed or rechanged due to several reasons. These characters whether host a major, minor or just a pedestrian in a GTA game.

Deleted Characters[]

These are characters that were removed during development.

Grand Theft Auto III[]

  • Darkel - A character cut during development.
  • Curtly - A character cut during development.
  • Butler - Donald Love's butler.
  • Toshiro - Originally the Yakuza leader. Replaced with Kenji, who was already a planned character in the game. [1]

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City[]

Grand Theft Auto Advance[]

  • Mr. Mawson - Scheduled to appear in some cut missions from Joey Leone, but he was cut in development. Name mentioned in text files only. He appears in one of the pre-release screenshots from Crawfish Interactive.
  • Jonnie S - Jonnie S was a minor character and drug dealer but he was cut in the final game. Appears to be Freddy's original name.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas[]

Grand Theft Auto V[]

Grand Theft Auto Online[]

Remodeled Characters[]

These are characters that were remodeled during development ranging from protagonists to pedestrians.

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  • Claude's appearance went through many different designs. Sketches and screenshots show many types of body of Claude that should appear in the game.
  • The Liberty City Triads originally had a black outfit.
  • Police Officers originally had mustaches, as seen in the game's manual.
  • Salvatore Leone's model had a black suit instead of a brown one (It is seen in his Artwork and the Badfellas poster).

GTA Vice City

  • Tommy Vercetti was older, fatter and wore a darker Hawaiian shirt and lighter jeans.
  • Haitian gangsters who wore blue shirts used to have a picture on the shirt instead of the word "Relax".

GTA San Andreas

  • Both Sweet and Big Smoke had their appearances changed. Sweet was originally dressed in black and wore a black beanie; Big Smoke wore a white jersey and did not wear a hat, exposing his shaved head.
  • Carl Johnson originally start the game with a blue hoodie and Chino pants.
  • Big Bear's model was fatter.
  • Kendl Johnson's facial model and clothing were altered.
  • Gang members looked different and wore different clothing.
  • Each city had its own motorcycle cop model; whereas in the final release the same model is used for all cities (they use the LSPD model, the SFPD and LVPD models can still be found on the game's files).

GTA Liberty City Stories

GTA Vice City Stories


  • Little Jacob originally did not wear glasses, and also looked older.
  • Michelle had a different looking face.
  • Playboy X used to have a plain maroon hoodie.
  • United Liberty Paper had a different voice.
  • Real Badman didn't wear a hat.
  • The first removed haircut design for Niko was a cut that seemed to resemble helmet-hair.
  • The second removed haircut design for Niko was a buzz cut.
  • As seen in the first trailer for TLAD, Jim Fitzgerald did not wear a bandana.


  • Michael De Santa as seen in trailer 1 and 2, he seemed to have green eyes, and an older look. As seen in his trailer, he has brown eyes and a younger look.
  • Franklin Clinton looked different in the beta as seen in Trailer 1, where his skin was much lighter, making him look more Hispanic than African American.
  • Denise Clinton sported a more gangster look with a green hoodie and big sunglasses.
  • According to the Social Club image for the mission Reuniting the Family, Fabien LaRouche's haircut at one point wasn't a bun.[5]


GTA Liberty City Stories


  • Enabling all phone contacts with a save editor reveals a character named Corey Parker.[8] It is unknown what his role in the game was.
  • There is also another character listed only as Captain.[9] His role in the game is also unknown.

Beta Names[]

These are characters that their names have been changed for different reasons.


Beta Name Current Name
Mullan 8-Ball
Joey Sorvino Joey Leone
Frankie Sorvino Salvatore Leone
Kemuri Kasen Asuka Kasen
Kenji Kassen [10] Kenji Kasen

GTA Vice City

Beta Name Current Name
BJ Jones BJ Smith
Mike Jones Cam Jones
Fernando Diaz Ricardo Diaz

GTA San Andreas

Beta Name Current Name
Jefferey Martin/MC Strap Jeffrey Cross/OG Loc

GTA Liberty City Stories

Beta Name Current Name
Father Kenny Ned Burner


Beta Name Current Name
Maxwell Caddy Maxwell Caughlin
Vinny Barbosa Johnny Barbosa


Beta Name [11] Current Name
Albert De Silva Michael De Santa
Brother Adam Brother Adrian
Calvin North Dave Norton
Clyde Wade Hebert
Eddie Barry
Harut Vartanyan Simeon Yetarian
Jerry Cole Lester Crest
Kevin De Silva Jimmy De Santa
Miguel Gonzalez Andreas Sanchez
Mitch Hayes Steve Haines
Nervous Jerry Ron Jakowski
Simon Trevor Philips
Tae's Translator Cheng's translator
Tae Wong Tao Cheng


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