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Bent Cop Blues - Phone 8 is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 1 level 5, Bent Cop Blues, given to the Protagonist by Samuel Deever. It is available from the fourth (bottom right) phone in southwest Vice Shores.


The mission begins with Deever telling the protagonist that several cops who work for him need paying off. First, the protagonist needs to head to east Little Dominica in order to meet and pay off the first one. The second cop, Sergeant Roberts, is in southeast Vice Beach. After paying him off, Deever tells the protagonist that the final cop to be paid off is in northwest Richman Heights. Once meeting him he will demand more money so Deever gives the go ahead to have him killed (although he will shoot back with a pistol). After he's dead, mission complete.


The player is awarded 28,000 points and a +1 score multiplier for completing the mission.

Video Strategy

Grand Theft Auto 1 PC Vice City Chapter 1 - Mission 8

Grand Theft Auto 1 PC Vice City Chapter 1 - Mission 8

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