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Bent Cop Blues - Phone 5 is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 1 level 5, Bent Cop Blues, given to the Protagonist by Samuel Deever. It is available from the first (top left) phone in southwest Vice Shores.


The mission begins with Deever telling the protagonist that a rookie cop is trying to deliver evidence on him to the DA and he does not want that to happen. The protagonist must head to northeast Greek Heights where the cop will be driving in his brown Regal, follow him to a payphone in southeast Richman Heights and then kill him. After killing him, Deever discovers that the cop's wife has already been to see the DA and she was about to call him at the payphone. Answering the phone, the protagonist learns that the rookie's wife is at the Vice Shores station where she will make some calls regarding the DA. They will then have 160 seconds to head to the train station in north Vice Shores and kill her before she can make any more calls. (The only way to get to the platform is from a footbridge in west Vice Beach, though there is another way of killing her: by firing a rocket at the wall of the platform where she stands.) After killing her, Deever instructs the protagonist to get back to a safehouse in east Banana Grove while avoiding the police, in order to complete the mission.


The player will be awarded 50,000 points and a +1 score multiplier for completing the mission.

Video Strategy

Grand Theft Auto 1 PC Vice City Chapter 1 - Mission 5

Grand Theft Auto 1 PC Vice City Chapter 1 - Mission 5

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