Bent Cop Blues - Phone 4 is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 1 level 5, Bent Cop Blues, given to the Protagonist by Deever. It is available from the fourth phone (from the top) in east Vice Beach.


The mission begins with Deever telling the protagonist about a major drug deal taking place in central Little Bogota. The protagonist must go there and destroy the Tanker which is protected by several armed men, most of whom are armed with machine guns. After killing most, if not all, of them and destroying the truck, the mission is complete.


The easiest and less risky way to complete the mission is to blow up the Tanker with an explosive Model Car. There is a Transit Van not far from the phones, with rigged Model Cars inside, triggering a Kill Frenzy. Mission complete, Kill Frenzy complete: killing two birds with one stone.


The player is awarded 70,000 points and a +1 score multiplier for completing the mission.

Video Strategy

Grand Theft Auto 1 PC Vice City Chapter 1 - Mission 4

Grand Theft Auto 1 PC Vice City Chapter 1 - Mission 4

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