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Bent Cop Blues - Phone 1 is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 1 level 5, Bent Cop Blues, given to the Protagonist by Samuel Deever. It is available from the first phone (from the top) in east Vice Beach.


The mission begins with Deever telling the protagonist that his ex-wife has run off with his kids and he wants them back. The protagonist must head to the Repair Van parked in north Felicity and take them to Pauly in south Banana Grove, warning that if Pauly dies for any reason the protagonist will suffer the consequences. After taking the kids to Pauly, they must then be taken to the hotel in northeast Vice Beach. Dropping them off, Deever thanks the protagonist by saying they get to babysit his kids that night; he then tells them that a reporter has been following him around for the last couple of days and her car (an Impaler) is currently parked in south Coral City. First it must be taken to Pauly in Banana Grove, who then instructs the protagonist to take it to a garage in northwest Greek Heights where it will be stored and later resprayed and sold, meaning the reporter will never find it.

Deever then tells the protagonist that his daughter's boyfriend has stolen her red Itali GTB, which Deever had stolen himself in order to give it to her. The protagonist will need to head to northeast Vice Shores, intercept the daughter's boyfriend and take the car back from him. The car will need to be taken to Pauly in Banana Grove, who says to take it to the old Wildcat place in northeast Felicity in order to give it back to Deever's daughter. After dropping off the car, Deever will tell the protagonist that his wife is currently being driven around southeast Richman Heights in a gold Jugular. The protagonist must intercept and steal the car and take it back to Pauly in Banana Grove, who instructs them to take Deever's wife to the hardware store in west Greek Heights where Deever is waiting with a chainsaw. Dropping her off completes the mission.


The player is awarded 50,000 points and a +1 score multiplier for completing the mission.

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Grand Theft Auto 1 PC Vice City Chapter 1 - Mission 1

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