Benny's Restaurant is a high-end restaurant located on a ship in the spring of Little Havana, Vice City in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


Benny's Restaurant is located inside of a large yacht docked to the right just off of Bayshore Avenue. It seems to be a very popular local attraction. The restaurant has two staircases leading up to it. It is unknown if one is supposed to be the entrance, and the other the exit, or if it's just mixed. The boat's deck can be accessed by the player, but they cannot enter the restaurant itself, nor can they interact with the boat in any way. During the night, the restaurant is highlighted with neons along the side of the ship, as well as the Benny's Restaurant sign itself. One of the ramps leading up to the ship is a Unique Stunt Jump and the deck contains checkpoints for the PS2-only side-mission Playground on the Dock, both of which are required for 100% completion.

By 1986 (the setting of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City), the restaurant appears to have gone out of business. The sign has been taken down while the ship is nowhere in sight.



  • Benny's Restaurant is possibly inspired by Bennay's Cafe, a fictional cafe somewhere along Miami's shoreline, seen briefly during the famous "In the Air Tonight" scene during the pilot episode of the landmark TV cop show, Miami Vice.


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