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The following is a list of wheels and wheel designs unique to Benny's Original Motor Works, that can be installed on applicable vehicles in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Wheel Type[]

Benny's Bespoke[]

Name Cost Image
Chrome OG Hunnets $42,075
Chrome og hunnets gtav
Gold OG Hunnets $47,815
Gold og hunnets gtav
Chrome Wires $44,970
Chrome wires gtav
Gold Wires $51,100
Gold wires gtav
Chrome Spoked Out $42,735
Chrome spoked out gtav
Gold Spoked Out $48,565
Gold spoked out gtav
Chrome Knock-Offs $42,405
Chrome knock offs gtav
Gold Knock-Offs $48,190
Gold knock offs gtav
Chrome Bigger Worm $55,000
Chrome bigger worm gtav
Gold Bigger Worm $62,500
Gold bigger worm gtav
Chrome Vintage Wire $43,065
Chrome vintage wire gtav
Gold Vintage Wire $48,940
Gold vintage wire gtav
Chrome Classic Wire $47,665
Chrome classic wire gtav
Gold Classic Wire $54,165
Gold classic wire gtav
Chrome Smoothie $32,175
Chrome smoothie gtav
Gold Smoothie $36,565
Gold smoothie gtav
Chrome Classic Rod $40,920
Chrome classic rod gtav
Gold Classic Rod $46,500
Gold classic rod gtav
Chrome Dollar $51,975
Chrome dollar gtav
Gold Dollar $59,065
Gold dollar gtav
Chrome Mighty Star $57,375
Chrome mighty star gtav
Gold Mighty Star $68,725
Gold mighty star gtav
Chrome Decadent Dish $57,750
Chrome decadent dish gtav
Gold Decadent Dish $69,100
Gold decadent dish gtav
Chrome Razor Style $59,775
Chrome razor style gtav
Gold Razor Style $71,125
Gold razor style gtav
Chrome Celtic Knot $61,250
Chrome celtic knot gtav
Gold Celtic Knot $72,600
Gold celtic knot gtav
Chrome Warrior Dish $62,645
Chrome warrior dish gtav
Gold Warrior Dish $73,995
Gold warrior dish gtav
Gold Big Dog Spokes $75,000
Gold big dog spokes gtav

Benny's Originals[]

Name Cost Image
OG Hunnets $38,250
Og hunnets gtav
OG Hunnets (Chrome Lip) $27,750
Og hunnets chrome lip gtav
Knock-Offs $38,550
Knock offs gtav
Knock-Offs (Chrome Lip) $28,050
Knock offs chrome lip gtav
Spoked Out $38,850
Spoked out gtav
Spoked Out (Chrome Lip) $28,350
Spoked out chrome lip gtav
Vintage Wire $39,150
Vintage wire gtav
Vintage Wire (Chrome Lip) $28,650
Vintage wire chrome lip gtav
Smoothie $38,750
Smoothie gtav
Smoothie (Chrome Lip) $34,200
Smoothie chrome lip gtav
Smoothie (Solid Color) $29,250
Smoothie solid color gtav
Rod Me Up $37,200
Rod me up gtav
Rod Me Up (Chrome Lip) $34,650
Rod me up chrome lip gtav
Rod Me Up (Solid Color) $29,700
Rod me up solid color gtav
Clean $45,000
Clean gtav
Lotta Chrome $45,600
Lotta chrome gtav
Spindles $46,100
Spindles gtav
Viking $45,850
Viking gtav
Triple Spoke $45,350
Triple spoke gtav
Pharohe $46,350
Pharohe gtav
Tiger Style $47,100
Tiger style gtav
Three Wheelin $46,850
Three wheelin gtav
Big Bar $46,600
Biohazard $47,350
Waves $48,100
Waves gtav
Lick Lick $47,850
Lick lick gtav
Spiralizer $47,600
Spiralizer gtav
Hypnotics $48,850
Hypnotics gtav
Psycho-Delic $48,600
Psycho delic gtav
Half Cut $48,350
Half cut gtav
Super Electric $50,000
Super electric gtav

Tire Design[]

Name Cost Image
Stock Tires $200
White Lines $9,500
Classic White Wall $12,000
Retro White Wall $15,000
Red Lines $8,500
Blue Lines $7,500
Atomic $5,000