The following is a list of Plateholders and Vanity Plates available for lowriders at Benny's Original Motor Works, in the enhanced version of Grand Theft Auto Online.

These options are available on the "Plates" group, along with the standard plate options available at Los Santos Customs (under the "License" group).

Type Upgrade Cost Image
Plateholders None $3,300
Golfist $5,280
Twisted $5,610
Low 'n' Slow $5,940
Barbed Wire $6,270
Hawaiian $6,600
Davy Jones $6,765
Chain $6,929
Magnetics Chain $7,095
Bike Chain $7,260
Flaming Skull $7,425
Pitbull $7,590
Flames $7,754
Magnetics Classic $7,920
Vanity Plates None $6,900
Benny's Silver Logo $11,040
Benny's Classic Logo $11,730
Benny's Gold on Black $12,420
Benny's Gold on Blue $13,110
Albany $13,800
Declasse $14,145
Willard $14,489
Vapid $14,835
LS Panic $15,180
Liberty Penetrators $15,525
LS Shrimps $15,870
The Pounders $16,214
True Patriot $16,560
Magnetics Letterman $16,905
Magnetics Monogram $17,250
Magnetics Classic $17,595
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