The Below the Belt Gym is a gym in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


CJ can learn kickboxing moves in this gym, as well as using the other facilities to increase or decrease certain statistics, specifically stamina, muscle and fat. Learning kickboxing is required for 100% completion.

Kickboxing is the strongest style CJ can learn. The kickboxing combo can knockout opponents in just 4 hits unlike other moves due to its final elbow strike being extremely powerful. Another advantage of this style is CJ 'clinching' his opponent, immobilizing them.

It is located in Redsands East, Las Venturas, the gym becomes accessible after passing the Drive-Thru mission, however, attempting to enter the gym will automatically give you a 4-star wanted level, as Las Venturas isn't unlocked at that point. It can be accessed later without police attention after the mission Yay Ka-Boom-Boom, where after the player becomes able to enter Las Venturas.


  • It is highly advisable that CJ has maximum health and muscle, and has learned how to fight before attempting to learn kickboxing because the opponent here can easily knock CJ out.



  • The gym's name is a reference to the phrase "hitting below the belt", an illegal move in boxing, and also a term for an unfair, personal remark.
  • The last elbow strike of this style's combo is a one hit kill.
    • This can be verified by performing the combo on one pedestrian, turning aside just before the final hit and striking another passing pedestrian with the elbow.
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