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Bedford Point at night in Grand Theft Auto III.

Bedford Point is a financial district in southwestern Staunton Island, Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto Advance and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. It borders Torrington to the east, Belleville Park to the north and an unspecified body of water to the south and west.


Bedford Point is a commercial core in Staunton island, housing much of the city's massive skyscrapers, museums and galleries, which are primarily concentrated towards the north, east and south. In comparison to depictions of neighboring Torrington as a place of "big business" and formality, Bedford Point's occupants are seemingly more culturally-inclined and less formal in appearance.

The district has no gang activity, although some businesses pay protection to the Yakuza as noted in "Shima" in GTA III.

Places of Interest[]

The center of the district is East Monroe Avenue, city's equivalent of New York City's Times Square. Here, the player can see many signs that advertise businesses and other stuff like Punk Noodles, 69th Street, Funcola, Top Down City, Flashback FM, Doghouse, Gasoline, Half-Cocked, and Liberty Soul FM. Two functional clocks (digital and analog) and a thermometer are also present in GTA III.

Bedford Point contains a church on the west side with two cone shaped towers; this is most likely home to a Liberty City convent. In 1998, during GTA Liberty City Stories' timeline, there was a graveyard near the church, complete with the people who died, notably the storyline characters. By the events of GTA III in 2001, it is replaced by the Bedford Point Opera House. This leaves the church little more than a narrow strip of land on the North side for use as a cemetery.

The district also houses the second tallest skyscraper (after another in Torrington) in the city, which happens to be the tallest in GTA Liberty City Stories as the aforementioned Torrington skyscraper is only half its height.

In addition, Bedford Point contains an underground subway station for the Liberty City mass transit system at the southeastern corner of the district. The subway will take players to Chinatown, Francis International Airport and Liberty Campus' upper subway station.





Grand Theft Auto III[]


  • Shotgun – North of the pier west of Liberty Tree Offices.
  • AK-47 – At the southeast side of the building southeast of Liberty Cathedral (and next to a body armor icon).
  • M16 – In the walled off area in the southeast part of the Liberty Tree Offices, where the mission Kingdom Come takes place. The area can be accessed by parking the nearby Moonbeam by the lowest part of the wall and using it to jump over the wall.


  • Among some bushes and trees near a building south of Liberty City Cathedral.
  • In front of the south entrance to the Liberty City Cathedral.
  • In the southwest, in a dead end between two buildings located in the triangular alcove facing south. One of these buildings has a transparent window.

Body Armor[]

  • In the southeast corner of a large building beside Liberty City Cathedral, next to an AK-47 pickup icon.
  • At the Liberty Tree parking lot (where the mission Kingdom Come takes place), in the walled off area behind a parked Moonbeam, which can be used to jump over the wall by parking it by the lowest part of the wall.

Police bribe[]

  • In a small alleyway.


  • Inside the Tw@ Internet Cafe on the second floor.


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