Beaumont Avenue is a street located in western Industrial, Bohan featured in Grand Theft Auto IV. It starts where Rocket Street ends, which is located in Chase Point. Heads north and northeast and then stops. It either becomes an overpass for Greene Avenue or Darkhammer Street. Like many other streets in Bohan that are named after prisons, the street is named after the Beaumont Federal Prison in Beaumont, Texas.


Location Type Road Direction
Chase Point Road begin Guantanamo Avenue & Rocket Street n/b toward Jackhammer Street
Continuation of Rocket Street from Joliet Street
Road crossing Spin Street w/b toward Guantanamo Avenue
Road crossing Windmill Street e/b toward Attica Avenue & Rykers Avenue
Industrial Road crossing Guantanamo Avenue n/b toward Jackhammer Street
s/b toward Beaumont Avenue & Rocket Street
Road end Darkhammer Street & Greene Avenue e/b toward Lompoc Avenue
Continues as Greene Avenue toward Butterfly Street & Uprock Street


  • Two Stunt Jumps, one near Spin Street intersection, other one near Windmill Street intersection.
  • One Body Armor.



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