Beaters (not to be confused with Wrecks) are cars in the Grand Theft Auto series with reduced performance, engine problems or mismatched body parts like bumpers and fenders. They are rusted or run down.


These cars are old and rusted, but still drivable, albeit with reduced performance. In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, these are actually separate vehicles to their normal counterparts in the game's code, explaining why they cannot be repaired or modified.

The Grand Theft Auto series has not traditionally featured working cars in dilapidated form until GTA: San Andreas. Earlier signs of such vehicles are primarily present in Grand Theft Auto III's Hoods Rumpo XL and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's Gang Burrito (variants of the Rumpo and Burrito, respectively). Both vehicles, which are essentially variants of commercial vehicles, feature multicolored body panels and paint jobs, as well as graffiti on their sides, but they are both superior in performance over the vehicles they are based on.

In GTA: San Andreas the Clover and Tampa appear with mismatched body paneling, the Tampa itself depicting lopsided license plates. In addition, damaged variants of the Glendale and Sadler are scattered throughout rural San Andreas, with their body panels dented and irreparable.

In Grand Theft Auto IV, beaters tend to have delayed ignitions, very weak suspensions, weak tires and a tendency to backfire. GTA IV beaters can be repaired/repainted, though the weak performances remain.

In Grand Theft Auto V, a few beaters can actually be given more performance-oriented modifications than their undamaged counterparts, making the beater variants more desirable; these include the beater Rusty Rebel, which can be turned into a trophy truck, and the Rat-Loader which can be modified into a high-performance rat rod. However, even with resprays and repairs, any rust, fading, dents and corrosion cannot be removed, unless there is a specific modification that replaces the damaged parts with undamaged ones.

In Grand Theft Auto Online, several beaters were introduced, such as the Technical (and its aqua variant), the Rat Bike, the Tornado Rat Rod and the Wastelander. Despite their unappealing looks, these have much better performances and are highly beneficial to combat hostile NPCs and players and being able to weave through traffic and terrain.

List of Known Beaters

3D Universe

Image Name Description Games
Clover-GTASA-front Clover The Clover features a mismatched front quarter panel on the driver's side, as well as a mismatched passenger door and trunk lid which gives the car the appearance of a poorly maintained muscle car. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Glendale-GTASA-beater-front Ruined Glendale A beater version of the Glendale (internally named GLENSHIT), which cannot be repaired or modified. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Sadler-GTASA-beater-front Ruined Sadler A beater version of the Sadler (internally named SADLSHIT) that cannot be repaired or modified. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Tampa-GTASA-front Tampa It has multiple mismatched body panels, a crooked bumper, and rusty trim, most likely indicating it was put together with spare parts from a junkyard. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Walton-GTASA-MaddDogg-front Walton The Walton appears as a dirty, well-used farm or work truck, having permanent dirt, rust around its trim, and a somewhat rusty underside. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

HD Universe

Image Name Description Games
ArmoredBoxville-GTAO-front Armored Boxville A rusty Boxville with a less sophisticated armory and a turret on its roof. Most of these parts are also rusty. Grand Theft Auto Online
Biff-GTAV-front Biff The Biff featured in GTA V only appears with a rusty color, contrary to the Grand Theft Auto IV iteration. Grand Theft Auto V
Bodhi-GTAV-front Bodhi The Bodhi featured in GTA V only appears with a rusted appearance, and occasionally has a delayed ignition. Grand Theft Auto V
Duneloader-GTAV-front Duneloader The Duneloader in GTA V features a rusted bodywork and faded paint, and the bed is full of random trash. The vehicle also lacks a tailgate. Grand Theft Auto V
Emperor rusty Rusty, dilapidated version of the Emperor. In Grand Theft Auto IV and its episodes, it features two broken lights on the left out of three, peeling paint, and sometimes missing fenders, whereas in Grand Theft Auto V it is merely lightly rusted and with worn paint all over. A snow-covered version exclusive to North Yankton can also be found in the latter game. Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto V
GangBurrito-TLAD-front Gang Burrito A poorly maintained, rusty, modified Burrito, used as a gang vehicle by the Angels of Death in The Lost and Damned. The Lost and Damned
Injection-GTAV-front Injection The Injection, despite being an old car, features desirable performance and modifications, such as reinforced suspension. The vehicle's body, however, is severely rusted and features a heavily-damaged interior, such as a damaged dashboard. Grand Theft Auto V
Journey-GTAV-front Journey The Journey in GTA V only appears with a rusty color and a poorly-maintained interior. Its performance is also underwhelming, although it is because of its type and not because of its worn appearance. Grand Theft Auto V
Mixer The Mixer is a cement truck that appears either clean or with a rusty color. Grand Theft Auto V
PhantomWedge-GTAO-front Phantom Wedge A Phantom with a rusty color that was modified with "a 20-foot, easy-wipe steel wedge on the front end. It has better performance than the normal one, as the original engine was changed into a more powerful V8. Grand Theft Auto Online
RatBike-GTAO-front Rat Bike A Wolfsbane that "spent a decade or two submerged in raw sewage", resulting in a bike with a rusty bodywork and a speedometer with a broken glass case. Despite the worn appearance, its vital components are completely good, having a good performance. Grand Theft Auto Online
Rat-Loader-GTAV-front Rat-Loader The Rat-Loader can be considered an even more poorly maintained (and slightly older) variant of the Duneloader. It features rusty rims, faded paint, worn-out, sagging suspension, rusted, crooked, dented (and even missing) bodywork, and the rotting homemade flatbed is full of random trash. Grand Theft Auto V
Regina-TLAD-front Regina The Regina in The Lost and Damned always spawns in a beater form. It features a worn out engine, ignition troubles and a tendency to backfire, like other beaters in the game. Therefore, one can assume its performance was much better at some point in time. The Lost and Damned
Rubble-GTAV-front Rubble The Rubble is, like the Biff, a dump truck that can be only seen with a rusty color. Grand Theft Auto V
Ruiner3-GTAO-front Ruiner An "almost wrecked" version of the Ruiner with the front of a Ruiner 2000, featuring a deformed bodywork, deformed wheels, rusty paintjob and a worn interior. It is one of the few beaters that cannot be driven, but unlike wrecks, it is defined more as a vehicle. Grand Theft Auto Online
RustyRebel-GTAV-front Rusty Rebel The Rebel in GTA V is usually found in a rusty form. It features rusted bodywork, faded paint, and heavily corroded chrome trim. Despite its worn out appearance, rusty Rebels can be given performance modifications unavailable on the standard Rebel, making it more desirable. It is known as "Rusty Rebel" by Southern San Andreas Super Autos. Grand Theft Auto V
Sabre2-GTAIV-front Sabre rusty Rusty, dilapidated version of the Sabre. It often features a missing grille, one missing/mismatched tail pipe, missing/broken headlights, or bodywork patched with shoddy spot welding. Grand Theft Auto IV
ScrapTruck-GTAV-front Scrap Truck The Scrap Truck is a poorly mantained Yankee-based truck. It features worn out panels and a wooden bed full of random trash. Grand Theft Auto V
Surfer2-GTAV-front Surfer rusty The beater variant of the Surfer features rusted bodywork, faded paint, and heavily corroded chrome trim. Its performance is even worse than that of the already weak standard Surfer, but makes up for its better ground clearance to sort the uneven terrains and bumpy roads of Blaine County. Grand Theft Auto V
Technical & Technical Aqua The Rebel's armed variant, the Technical, only appears in a beater condition, as well as its amphibious version, the Technical Aqua. Grand Theft Auto Online
Tipper The Tipper can be found both in mint and beater condition. Grand Theft Auto V
Tornado The rusty variant of the Tornado features rusted bodywork, faded paint, heavily corroded chrome trim, slightly detached hood, and under-inflated tires. It does not have as many modifications available for it as the standard Tornado, and often has trouble starting.

The Mariachi version also has a rusty form and is more comparable to the convertible version of the car.

Grand Theft Auto V
TornadoRatRod-GTAO-front Tornado Rat Rod A highly-modified, "hotrod" version of the Tornado, having a rusty bodywork. Its engine features rusty cam covers, rusty large velocity stack carburetors and rusty exhaust pipes, but those are not a problem to it, therefore able to give the car an excellent power. Grand Theft Auto Online
Tow Truck The Tow Truck featured in The Lost and Damned and Grand Theft Auto V is essentially a poorly maintained, rusty variant of the Lost Slamvan. The Lost and Damned, Grand Theft Auto V
Towtruck-GTAV-front Towtruck (truck) The Yankee-based Towtruck featured in GTA V only appear with a rusty color. Grand Theft Auto V
StanleyTractor-GTAV-Front Tractor Given its rusty appearance and weak engine, it is certain that the Tractor's performance was better at some point in time. Grand Theft Auto V
Vigero2-GTAIV-front Vigero rusty Rusty, dilapidated version of the Vigero. Common damage includes missing headlights, windows, mirrors and fenders. The rear windows also appear to be held on with duct tape. Grand Theft Auto IV
Voodoo-GTAV-front Voodoo rusty The Voodoo in GTA V can be found in traffic as a beater, but can be upgraded to a Custom variant at Benny's Original Motor Works in Grand Theft Auto Online. It has better performance than its GTA IV counterpart. Grand Theft Auto V
Wastelander-GTAO-front Wastelander A very rusty cab-over-engine truck with no doors and no windows. Despite the defects, the Wastelander had received several upgrades to make it a powerful tool, featuring racing seats, brand-new winches and large off-road wheels with a great suspension. Grand Theft Auto Online
Yankee2-TLAD-front Yankee Rusted variant of the Yankee, with a damaged bodywork and rusty color, but also featuring better performance. The Lost and Damned


  • In GTA V, some beater vehicles appear to have their radio removed. Despite this, the radio can still be used.
  • For an unknown reason, the Mariachi version of the Tornado can be used in offroad races, despite the fact it is not an offroad vehicle. However, the regular Tornado cannot be used.
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