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"The Beast is back, and this time it's got company. Only a rag-tag team of Slashers, armored up and armed to the teeth, have a hope of stopping them. Beasts have to collect all the checkpoints, Slashers have to take out the Beasts."
Social Club description.

Beast vs. Slasher[1] is an Adversary Mode featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Festive Surprise 2015 update, released on December 23, 2015, two days after the update itself. It is a cross between the Hunt the Beast and Slasher modes.


"A team of Beasts blessed with superhuman abilities must evade the clutches of the pursuing Slashers. To help them on their merry way, Beasts are gifted not only with wild speed, but can leap over buildings and have temporary invisibility."
Rockstar Newswire description.

The Slasher team consists of three roles: Assault, Demolition, and Heavy, with each class having the same weapons except for heavy weapons, as well as each class having thermal vision. The Beast team consists of the basic Beast abilities, including super health, speed, and invisibility.

The beasts must collect fifteen checkpoints scattered around the area (some are in the air, requiring the player to perform a super jump in order to collect them), while the slashers try to prevent the beasts from completing their objectives, either by killing them or contributing until the time runs out. If the number of rounds is at least two, the role of players change from one round to another: if a beast is killed, his murderer will take their role in the next round.

The Beasts cannot use their powers if their health is too low, giving the Slashers even more advantage. The Beasts also lose a bit of health every time they super-jump or turn invisible, however, if a Beast stands still for a few seconds, they will regain health extremely quickly; this comes at a risk, though, as the Beast would show up on radar if stationary for too long.

Slasher Loadouts


Image Location Map
Beast vs Slasher I takes place at the St. Fiacre Hospital.
Beast vs Slasher II takes place in Backlot City.
Beast vs Slasher III takes place at the Paleto Forest Sawmill.
Beast vs Slasher IV takes place at Del Perro Pier.
Beast vs Slasher V takes place at Humane Labs and Research.


  • Just like in Slasher and when the EMP detonates in The Humane Labs Raid, the entire state of San Andreas loses power when the round begins. 

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