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Beam Me Up[1] (also known as Silent Probe Mountain[2]) is an art installation featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


It covers the northwest facing side of a hill in the south-east corner of Sandy Shores, Blaine County within the Senora National Park, at the end of a dirt road near a short rail tunnel. There are large tanks with arrows on signs located elsewhere in the desert pointing roughly to where the hill is and one on-site pointing to Mount Chiliad.

Beam Me Up consists of a large decorated hillside. It appears to occupy a dis-used quarry previously known as Senora Quarry[3]. It is inhabited by a congregation of hippie alien enthusiasts. Accommodation on site consists of a couple of tents and a large trailer.

There are a few vehicle wrecks in the area including a beater Regina on blocks with a fake UFO model on the roof, a Gypsy Truck that resembles a Yankee), both used as decorative props, and a Rancher rusted wreck. There is a cement mixer and paint cans throughout the site indicating the occupants are constantly re-painting the works to counteract the harsh desert elements, just like the real life site.

The Sandy Shores UFO spawns directly above this location.


Grand Theft Auto V

  • One of the 50 spaceship parts can be found here just to the south of the "Beam Me Up" wording.

Grand Theft Auto Online

  • One of the 100 Action Figures (an alien) can be found on the hood of the wrecked Regina.


It is based on Salvation Mountain, California, with the notable exception of containing pleas for salvation from Earth made to aliens rather than a particular religious deity. The two modified vehicle wrecks are references to two similar vehicles that appear near its real life counterpart. Game file models are named salvationm or variations/abbreviations thereof[4], further emphasizing the real life influence of the area.

Above the wrecked Regina is the alphanumeric code "6EQUJ5", which is a direct reference to the Wow! Signal.

The name is a reference to Star Trek, the often-misquoted "Beam me up, Scotty" phrase attributed to James T. Kirk when wanting to be transported back to the Starship Enterprise.

Prominent Appearances in Missions

Grand Theft Auto Online


  • If Trevor huffs gas when playing as him, he may wake up here.


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