Beacon Hill is a hill in Flint County, San Andreas featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


South of the hill is Flint Range, while to the north is Fallen Tree and Flint Water. To the west is The Farm, while to the east is Red County and Los Santos. Points of interest near Beacon Hill is an unnamed gas station alongside an RS Haul depot to the east (where the player can access Trucking missions) and a small community of cabins located across the foot of the hill on the west.

Beacon Hill consists of nothing more than three wooden structures and a windmill, with wooden fences surrounding the area. A stationary beat-up Sadler (sometimes a regular Sadler) spawns in the area. The player can access the area by a dirt road from the western face of the hill which connects to the dirt roads around Flint Range below or vice versa.

The term 'Beacon Hill' is commonly used to name hills which are suitable to set up a beacon of fire or light on, however, no beacon is spotted anywhere.


  • Cane - by one of the wooden structures


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