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Get ready to drop some sea shells with all new vehicles, weaponry and a load of new Jobs

The Beach Bum Update, also known as the Beach Bum Pack, is the first content update for Grand Theft Auto Online and Grand Theft Auto V. It was free and was released on November 19, 2013 as part of the 1.06 patch. It has been stated to be the first of many free and paid updates and DLCs to be released for GTA Online/GTA V.


This update adds a few new vehicles, including off-road vehicles and a speed boat. Many new beach-themed clothing items, have been added along with two new weapons, the SNS Pistol and the Bottle.

Character Customization[]

  • Over 170 clothing items have been added.
  • Two male and two female hairstyles have been added.
  • 16 male and 17 female tattoos have been added.
  • All items added were originally available for free; however, hairstyles and tattoos are no longer free.


Two new weapons are included in the update. Both are automatically added to the single player character inventory and, in Online, can be obtained for free in Ammu-Nation stores.

Image Name Description

Broken Bottle

A basic melee weapon with surprisingly effective damage, being capable of killing enemies slightly faster than the average Knife.

SNS Pistol

A small compact pistol, bearing good power but short range. An extended magazine can be purchased for it to extend the ammo capacity from 6 to 12 bullets.


Four new beach-themed vehicles are included in the update. The road vehicles could be obtained in single player by visiting the character's garages for the land vehicles and the character's dock for the Speeder. For the first six months in GTA Online, the road vehicles could be obtained for free from the in-game website and the Speeder could be obtained for free from the in-game website After update 1.13, they were no longer available for free.

Image Name Description Price

BF Bifta

A dune buggy with above average performance and great off-road capabilities, although prone to spin-outs. It slightly resembles the 3D Universe rendition of the BF Injection. $75,000

Canis Kalahari

A utility off-roading truck strongly inspired by the Citroen Mehari, with sub-par off-road performance due to its thin tire profiles. $40,000 (Hardtop)

$51,000 (Topless)


Bravado Paradise

A Rumpo-based camper van with moderate high speed and mid-level handling, notable for its painted artworks. $25,000

Pegassi Speeder

A returning speed boat from the 3D Universe and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars that stands out for being one of the fastest in the game. $325,000


  • Deliveries from Pegasus Lifestyle Management have been reduced from $1,000 to $200.
  • The GTA$ and RP rewards for Races, Deathmatches and Parachuting are now based on the average time they take to complete.
  • Players now receive GTA$ and RP rewards when failing a cooperative Job or being a member of the losing team during a Versus Mission, depending on how long the Job / Mission lasts.
  • In Team Deathmatch, all players on a team now receive the same GTA$ and RP rewards, with the winning team getting roughly 4-5x what the losing team receives.
  • The cost of removing a wanted level by calling Lester has now been scaled based on the amount of stars the player has - at a cost of $200 per star.
  • The Bad Sport penalty for destroying personal vehicles has been reduced significantly.
  • Players will no longer receive a Bad Sport penalty when they are in a non-moving tank and other players crash a vehicle into them.
  • Removed some instances of debris in specific Races, including the cardboard from the Down the Drain Race.
  • Made adjustments to how the player's Strength stat is calculated.


Notable bugfix and exploit adjustments are listed below:

  • Restricted cars and vehicles that have been added to player garages through exploits have been removed. This includes tanks, helicopters and police vehicles.
  • To eliminate any remaining vehicle loss issues, an additional automatic cloud save will occur when purchasing a vehicle or vehicle modification.



GTA Online - Beach Bum DLC

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