Baytree Canyon Road is a two-way road in Vinewood Hills and Great Chaparral, Los Santos County that appears in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


The road begins in the city of Los Santos, at the intersection of Las Lagunas Boulevard and Alta Street in Downtown Vinewood, and ends at Senora Road in Great Chaparral in the northeast, near the Redwood Lights Track.

It has connections to Whispymound Drive, Lake Vinewood Drive, Marlowe Drive, East Galileo Avenue, Mount Haan Road and Galileo Road.


Baytree Canyon Road is named as a reference to Laurel Canyon Road, which starts at Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood and winds northward through the famed and affluent Hollywood Hills, and then across the San Fernando Valley.  The California Bay Tree is also known as the California Laurel. 

Events of GTA V

A random event concerning rescuing a girl from members of the Altruist Cult can be found on this road.

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