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Bayshore Avenue marked in red, in Vice City.

South of the Bayshore Avenue in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Bayshore Avenue is a four-lane highway which runs along the eastern side of Vice City's mainland. The avenue spans from Viceport on the south end, splits into two one-way streets, until Downtown on the northern end. In southern Downtown, the street splits into two and one must turn left at the next street to return to Bayshore. Bayshore Avenue serves as a useful way to quickly travel from point to point on many missions. It is one of a handful of streets in Vice City to be named (and is so identified due to the first safehouse in Vice City Stories being located at 101 Bayshore Avenue). The road is most likely based on Biscayne Boulevard.

Cheetah Stunt

There is an 'express lane' in the center of the street where no cars run. This is a short ledge, only not present when a street intersects it. Sometimes it is obstructed by trees, but most of the time it is free for you to use. With a Cheetah, and only with a Cheetah (even an Infernus or a Stinger cannot match its speed in GTA Vice City Stories), speeding down the express lane southbound, you will slide off the lane as you pass the last street before entering Viceport. Passing it, you will go back onto the ledge, but this is slightly raised, and if you drive at it fast enough, you will hear a smashing sound, your Cheetah will be thrown into the air, flip once (if you drive at it at a straight angle) and land perfectly undamaged again (provided you didn't smash into another car).

Points of Interest

The following are important or major locations along Bayshore Avenue:

Notable Residents