Bay City Avenue is a major avenue in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, located in west Los Santos.


From north to south, it begins at West Eclipse Boulevard in Pacific Bluffs, near Hill Valley Church, and ends at the southernmost part of Vespucci Beach. The avenue has connections to Playa Vista, Bay City Incline, Cougar Avenue, Boulevard Del Perro, Marathon Avenue, Sandcastle WayEquality Way, San Andreas Avenue, Conquistador Street, Cortes Street, Vitus Street, Palomino Avenue, Aguja Street, Goma Street, Melanoma Street, Magellan Avenue, Tug Street, Rub Street and finally Vespucci Beach Sidewalk.


Bay City Avenue is one of the longest streets in the city and a major thoroughfare in west Los Santos, running through the neighborhoods of Pacific Bluffs, Del Perro, Vespucci Canals and La Puerta. Its northwestern section, based on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, is predominantly commercial and locates office buildings, hotels and restaurants. Its central and southernmost section, likely based on Pacific Avenue in Venice, Los Angeles, locates low-rise apartment buildings and smaller businesses like seafood restaurants, cafés, clothing stores and marijuana dispensaries.

Del Perro Pier is accessible through the intersection with Red Desert Avenue, next to Great Ocean Highway.

Notable Residents

Places of Interest

Del Perro

Vespucci Cannals

La Puerta

  • Vista Del Mar Apartments (corner of Rub Street)


Del Perro

Vespucci Canals

La Puerta




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