Bart Street is a small street running east to west in Hove Beach, Broker in Liberty City. It begins on Delaware Avenue and runs east onto Mohawk Avenue. The street is lined with apartments and two alleyways to each side of it, and when heading west, the street leads to an overview of the Broker Bridge and Southern Algonquin. Its eastern intersection is across the road from the Comrades Bar and the Russian Clothes shop is found at the corner.


Location Type Road Direction
Hove Beach road begin Delaware Avenue n/b toward Cisco Street & Mohanet Avenue
s/b toward Iroquois Avenue & Crockett Avenue
road crossing Iroquois Avenue n/b toward Cisco Street
s/b toward Crockett Avenue & Delaware Avenue
road end Mohawk Avenue n/b toward Asparagus Avenue & Onion Street
s/b toward Crockett Avenue




  • Like many other streets in Broker/Dukes, this street is named after a famous Old West character, this time Black Bart.


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