Barry Stark is a character who can be heard on Chatterbox FM in Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City Public Radio (VCPR) in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Barry is a nudist and goes onto VCPR to preach the virtues of nudism. Barry is also campaigning for the founding of more nudist-only establishments in Vice City, including a casino. Stark is married and lives on a nudist commune, but confesses that the residents 'share wives'.

Stark admits that he has personal issues and that he lies a lot. This is evidenced when he states that he first stopped wearing clothes while on holiday in Halle, Germany in 1982. Later on, he says that he told his mother he wanted to go to school naked and his mother was okay with it. He later says that he was taken away by social services. He also shows his confusion when stating that he would not be able to tell if a person was black or white if they were naked.

Stark also claims that nudity would lead to peace, reduction in crime, closer family bonds, and that clothes 'lead to immorality'. Stark is the author of As Nature Intended and the editor of the Naturist News. At the end of the show, he is brutally shot in the genitals by the power-crazed Pastor Richards. Stark survives and tells Maurice he needs a proctologist.

By 2001, he appears to have recovered and moved to Liberty City, and is still a nudist. He calls Lazlow to discuss this, urging him to be a nudist as well, claiming he could be a figurehead for Liberty City naturists.

His name could be derived from the term "starkers", a British slang term for being naked.

Barry Stark was voiced by Renaud Sebbane, who voiced the White Rabbit in Manhunt, in both appearances.


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