The Barracks is Victor Vance's first safehouse in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


This safehouse becomes available to Victor after completing the mission "Soldier". The interior design is based upon a standard army barracks and contains rooms for a superior officer (a personal dorm and an office, presumably for a drill instructor) at the front, a recruits' dorm with several beds in the middle (where the save point is located), and toilets and showers at the back. Although intended to house a number of soldiers, no-one except Vic is ever seen inside the barracks.

Near the interior save point is a pistol spawn point. The barracks contains no wardrobe, garage, or health amenities, though a health pick-up spawns at the medical barracks next door and a Patriot spawns across from the barracks.

During his career in the army, Victor hides a package of drugs under his bed under orders of his superior officer, Jerry Martinez. At the end of the game's third storyline mission, Conduct Unbecoming, Victor loses access to the safehouse after the drugs are discovered by Sergeant Peppah and he is dishonourably discharged from the army, making this safehouse the only one in the 3D universe that the player loses access to.

Later in the game, during the mission Over the Top, Victor is able to briefly reenter the barracks and the pistol pickup is still available. Following the mission, the safehouse becomes inaccessible once more.


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