Barium Street is a 7 block street in Downtown Algonquin.

Barium Street travels through Fishmarket South, The Exchange and City Hall in a strictly East - West direction, however both directions of travel are allowed between Flatfish Place and Privateer Road. The street contains no specific services or storyline functions.


Location Type Road Direction
Fishmarket South Road begin Flatfish Place s/b toward Bismarck Avenue & South Parkway
Road crossing Privateer Road n/b toward Feldspar Street
Road crossing Borlock Road n/b toward Feldspar Street
The Exchange Road crossing Albany Avenue n/b toward San Juan Road, Topaz Street & Union Drive East
s/b toward South Parkway
Road crossing Bismarck Avenue n/b toward Emerald Street
s/b toward Flatfish Place & South Parkway
Road crossing Amsterdam Lane n/b toward Diamond Street
s/b toward Amethyst Street
Road crossing Columbus Avenue n/b toward Iron Street
s/b toward South Parkway
City Hall Road end Denver Avenue n/b toward Garnet Street
s/b toward South Parkway



  • The street's name is a reference to the element known as Barium.


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