The Banner Hotel & Spa is a chain of hotels that appears in the HD Universe, with branches in Liberty City, Los Santos and Ludendorff. The company is part of Devin Weston Holdings. The signs in front of the hotels show them to be rated one and a half stars, despite being based on luxury hotels. Notably, their logo appears to made out of male genitals.


Branch Description Image
Star Junction, Algonquin The first branch, featured in Grand Theft Auto IV. The telephone number for the hotel is: 1-669-555-5464. The hotel is loosely based on the Embassy Suites Hotel & Spa on 1568 Broadway in Times Square. BannerHotel&Spa-GTA4-exteriorEFLC 2011-12-29 14-37-11-69
Downtown Los Santos Located on Alta Street and Adam's Apple Boulevard, Pillbox Hill. The hotel is based on the Luxe City Center in Downtown Los Angeles, although its design is slightly different. BannerHotel-Downtown-GTAVBannerHotel&Spa-GTAV-GeneralView
Del Perro Bordered by Cougar Avenue, Bay City Avenue and Marathon Avenue in Del Perro, the other Los Santos branch is modeled after the Fairmont Miramar Hotel on Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica. BannerHotel-DelPerro-GTAVBannerHotel&Spa-CougarAvenueView
Ludendorff, North Yankton Two branches are located on Cavalry Boulevard in Ludendorff, however not much is known about these branches, as the location is briefly accessed from two missions, Prologue and Bury The Hatchet. Ludendorff-BannerHotel2-GTAV


The hotel chain is likely based on Omni Hotels and Resorts given their similar logos, fonts and being owned by holding companies.


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