"Just North of the Pacific Bluffs lies Banham Canyon, and idyllic area renowned for its excellent hiking, which is always a great excuse to get high in the woods and take a dump outside."
GTA V digital manual

Banham Canyon is a canyon not far outside of Los SantosSan Andreas in Grand Theft Auto V.


It is bordered by Pacific Bluffs to the south, Chumash to the west, Vinewood Hills and Tongva Valley to the east, and Tongva Hills to the north.

Banham Canyon only has a few roads running through it, as most of the region is made up of hills. The canyon serves as the midpoint from Richman to Tongva Hills. There is not much located in Banham Canyon, other than a few convenience stores and a bank.


The canyon is most likely based on the Topanga Canyon. In fact, this can be confirmed based on what appears to be an error or oversight on the Rockstar Social Club map: one of the Spaceship Parts that can be found in the area is labelled as "near Topanga Canyon", rather than Banham Canyon or Tongva Hills.

Road and Streets



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