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Vic, show these boys how to be men! Take back our streets from those bitch Cholos!
— Umberto Robina

Balls is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories given to protagonist Victor Vance by Umberto Robina, leader of the Cubans, from his home in Little Havana, Vice City.


Victor drops-by Umberto Robina's home looking for more work. The Cholos have been causing havoc around the neighborhood and so, Victor and two Cuban gang members get in a four-door car and kill all the gang of Cholos who are causing chaos around Little Havana. Once all the wave of Cholos are killed Victor takes the Cubans back to Umberto.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Take care of the Cholo thugs before they cause too much havoc in Little Havana.
  • Take care of those Cholo thugs!
  • More Cholo hoods are causing trouble!
  • Deal with those Cholo troublemakers!
  • Take care of those Cholo thugs!
  • Take the guys back to Umberto's.


The reward of completion from this mission is $800, the mission Papi Don't Screech is unlocked.

Video Walkthrough