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You got the grip?
— The dealer to Lamar Davis in Hood Safari

The Ballas Drug Dealer is a minor character appearing in Grand Theft Auto V.


Not much is known about him besides that he is a member of the Ballas.

Events of Grand Theft Auto V

No, you heard what your boy said. You're leavin'.
— The dealer to Trevor Philips

In 2013, Families member Stretch sets up his fellow gang member, Lamar Davis by telling him to buy drugs from the dealer in Grove Street. Without suspicion, Lamar comes to his friend, Franklin Clinton's house to persuade him to do the deal together, which incidentally ends up having Trevor taking part as well, when he shows up and decides to join them, to Lamar's annoyance.

The trio, with Lamar's dog Chop, come to the dealer's house and, upon Lamar showing him the money, the dealer presents the three men with a white block wrapped in plastic. He cuts it open and lets Lamar smell the knife he used. Lamar, extremely eager, is ready to hand over the cash for it, but Trevor is skeptical. He asks if they can take a sample from the other side of the brick, but the dealer refuses to do so and tells them to leave. As Trevor grows frustrated, he snatches the block from out of the dealer's hands, and snaps it in half, proving his skepticism to be correct after all and that it was just drywall filler.

The dealer reacts by calling the aid of his fellow gang members and immediately shuts the door, making Trevor, Franklin and Lamar fight their way out of Grove Street.

Mission Appearances

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