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This article is for the Bahama Mamas nightclub franchise. For the apartment complex in GTA San Andreas, see The Bahamas Apts.

Where evolution stops and the party starts! Algonquin's premier club venue for relentless party tunes and fist-pumping steroid beats. Middle-aged, married men - please take note: You will not be allowed in. (Unless you order triple bottle service with sparklers)
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Bahama Mamas is a nightclub franchise featured in the HD Universe. There are two clubs in operation.


Bahama Mamas

The Liberty City location of Bahama Mamas is on Frankfort Avenue at the corner of Lorimar Street in Purgatory, Algonquin.

The exterior building is loosely based on The Executive Club strip club from Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan[1]. The club may also be based on the real life Pacha NYC nightclub in Hell's Kitchen, New York City.

The nightclub is described by the website to be one of three Strip Clubs in the city, the other two being Honkers Gentlemen's Club and The Triangle Club, and is the only club of the three without a "*Critics' Choice*" recommendation. The club apparently lost its license some time in 2008 when it was raided by the LCPD due to prostitution.

While listed alongside the aforementioned clubs, Bahama Mamas is not accessible in Grand Theft Auto IV because it is closed as its management has "got the painters in...", and is due for a "GRAND OPENING SOON FOR ALL!". Similarly, the club is inaccessible in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars as well in The Lost and Damned, however it is available as a bar for drinking friend activities in GTA IV.

The nightclub is a prominent location in The Ballad of Gay Tony, as the club is depicted as an accessible establishment in both trailers and pre-release screenshots of the game. In comparison to Maisonette 9 and Hercules, Bahama Mamas may be considered to be the largest nightclub of the three, boasting two large underground rooms, each functioning as the club's lounge, and the club's massive dance floor, complete with a DJ booth and an additional bar. The interior of the club also includes a manager's room and store room, both accessible from the room containing the dance floor. However, other than by exploiting glitches[2], the club is only accessible and populated by clubgoers during Boulevard Baby.

According to the official website of The Ballad of Gay Tony, middle-aged and married men are not allowed in the club, unless they order a "triple bottle service with sparklers". The club is originally owned by Vic Manzano and his girlfriend Monique, but Gay Tony additionally has a stake in the club. In the mission Boulevard Baby, Rocco Pelosi and Gay Tony instruct Luis Lopez to seduce Monique at the club while Vic is in Las Venturas; the plan goes awry when Vic returns early to find Luis and Monique engaging in oral sex, leading to a shootout at the club that forces the establishment to shut down.


  • Vic Manzano: Owner (formerly)
  • Maurice: Manager
  • Serge: Head of Security
  • Two doormen
  • Eight bouncers
  • Four bartenders
  • Woman in wardrobe
  • One dancer


Official Screenshots

Prominent Appearances in Missions

The Ballad of Gay Tony
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
  • In Firefighter missions, the player may be tasked with clearing protesters from around the building.

Bahama Mamas West

Bahama Mamas has a location in Los Santos during the events of Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. It is dubbed Bahama Mamas West. The nightclub is located in Del Perro, Los Santos, at the intersection of Marathon Avenue and the Prosperity Street Promenade.

The building is a flipped version of the Barnes & Noble Booksellers store at Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica, California[6].

It is inaccessible to the players although, like GTA IV, it is an available location for drinking with friends in GTA V.

The club was accessible via exploiting a glitch[7] and there is a fully animated and furnished interior of the club indicating it, like Split Sides West, was cut from GTA V or may be intended to be used in future Grand Theft Auto Online updates. It is very similar to the Bahama Mamas layout, but it does not play any music. After the Heists Update however, one can hear music coming from inside the club when getting close to the building from 20:30 to 03:30 at night. A Bahama Mamas t-shirt was made available to Grand Theft Auto Online players who logged in during the Sunday Drivers Week event.

In the GTA Online: After Hours update, Bahama Mamas is a rival nightclub to the Online Player's nightclub. The club seems to hire various criminal gangs to deliver and possibly steal supplies during certain Nightclub Management missions.




Official Screenshots


  • "Mamas" means "mothers" in several European languages, like Portuguese and Spanish. "Mamas" is also Portuguese and Spanish for "breasts".
  • One of their slogans, "Get Lost in the Bush", is part of the infamous coarse humor of Rockstar Games, referencing the jungle/beach theme of the club and the term "bush" as pubic hair.
  • The name Bahama Mama may also be influenced by the alcoholic drink of the same name.

Grand Theft Auto IV and its episodes

Grand Theft Auto V

  • As seen in a pre-release screenshot of a beta version of Grand Theft Auto V, more neon lights in the club are turned on, unlike the final version, where not all neon lights are on at night.


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