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Badlands Revenge II is a arcade minigame developed by Pixtro. It is available for up to two players in the Arcade in Grand Theft Auto Online.


The game is a light gun Western-themed shooting gallery. It features an unnamed sheriff protagonist going through a series of stages eliminating enemies. Throughout each level, there are "hostages" and animals that move across the level that the player must avoid shooting. There are also many powerups throughout each stage that can give health, invincibility, other gun types such as a shotgun or Gatling gun, or can hide the player's gun reticle.


  • The Gospel Gangsters. Takes place in a barren desert with the occasional outhouse. Player can shoot the outhouses for additional enemies or powerups.
  • The Buckle Bunnies. Takes place in a Western town with shops.
  • Hillbilly Hoodlums. Takes place in a wooded forest area. Bears will occasionally appear and attack the player.
  • The Ruckus Rangers. Takes place in an underground mine. Features explosive barrels and TNT crates that can be shot.
  • The Barrel Fever Boys. Takes place in a graveyard. Features large upright tombs that can be shot for additional enemies and powerups.


There are three challenges available in this arcade game. Special T-shirts will be awarded to the player if they manage to complete each one of them. Completing all challenges will also award a trophy in the Arcade Trophy Case.

Pistols At Dawn & Dead Eye

These two challenges require the player to complete the game using only pistols and with over 90% accuracy respectively, they are best done at once in a single playthrough. For the first challenge you just need to complete all 5 levels with your default weapon, so avoid shooting shotgun shells, rifle ammo or anything that changes your weapon. The second challenge is based on your overall accuracy across all levels, take your time while shooting and always go for headshots. If you are playing on a PC, aiming with a mouse makes this challenge much easier.

Completing the challenges awards the player with the Badlands Revenge II Pixtro Tee and Badlands Revenge II Gunshot Tee, respectively.


This challenge requires the player to kill 40 flying critters across all levels. Although the challenge description mentions "flying" critters, you can actually kill any critter in the level including rats and scorpions, not just birds. Simple kill 40 critters and the challenge will be done, you may need to complete the levels more than one time.

Completing this challenge awards the player the Badlands Revenge II Eagle Tee.

Completing all three challenges awards the player with four t-shirts (Badlands Revenge II Retro Tee, Badlands Revenge II Help Me tee, Badlands Revenge II Bear Tee and Badlands Revenge II Romance Tee) and a gun shaped trophy in the Arcade Trophy Case. A copy of this trophy will also be available in the player's Penthouse to be used as decoration.


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